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Chapter 2653

At 8 stories, the chance of death is almost guaranteed. But to Charlie, it really wasn’t a big deal. His only worry is being spotted by the rebels as he dips below the mountaintop.

To help secure his descent, he grasped the thunder warning in his pocket. The thunder warning, made from the lightning strike wood gifted to him by Jasmine, was Charlie’s most prized weapon.

Although he’d used the powers of the thunderstorm many times further cracking the wood’s surface, there were still some uses left. Charlie didn’t like using the thunder warning because of the noise. But this time he planned to use it as a diversion.

The whole mountain was quiet, and there were few people here. The roads were almost empty of vehicles, and most people below could only hear the sounds of the wind and light rainfall.

Lightning suddenly flashed through the sky, slamming the top of the western mountain, shattering stone and turning several rebel soldiers into ash!

The deafening rumble of thunder resounded through the mountains and valley below like a missile strike.

On the plane, Zack Lyles was stunned by the explosion. He blurted out: “Damn it! How can there be a thunderstorm here in the middle of winter!?”

Skydiving expert Vasily, because of professional requirements, is also a meteorological expert. He was even more dumbfounded and murmured “This is unscientific. I deliberately retrieved today’s satellite weather map. There are no conditions for the formation of thunderclouds in today’s climate conditions!”

The flight crew was also shocked, they were are very experienced and well versed with meteorology. Spending their years in the clouds, they can gauge weather conditions at a glance.
The current weather formations, even with the winter rainfall, shouldn’t have produced this kind of thunderstorm.

Isaac Cameron heard the noise and visibly relaxed. He knew that this thunder must be caused by Charlie!

In the valley below, the rebel forces, villagers, and even Zoey along with the other seven hostages were shocked by the sudden and deafening explosion of thunder!

For these people, the rolling thunder was greater than any they had ever witnessed in their lives, leaving many with their ears ringing from the sound. For some, the damage to their ears was permanent and painful.

Except for the hostages, most everyone else walked outside and focused their attention to the western mountain where the lightning struck. The few surviving soldiers on the mountain reported the loss and damage via radio. The news of a lightning bolt killing five of their comrades sent a shockwave through the stronghold and rebel forces. The entire event was, until that moment, inconceivable.

Most of the soldiers, fearing they’d angered Allah, knelt on the ground and bending, prayed to the east for forgiveness.

The rebel leaders, unlike the common soldiers, understood it wasn’t Allah’s wrath, but that the western mountain fortifications acted like a lighting rod, drawing the strike and killing the soldiers. He immediately ordered the mountain troops to pull back into the fortifications to avoid getting hit from another lightning strike. This further helped Charlie.

After receiving the news, the rebel soldiers at the top of the eastern mountain retreated into the bunkers and fortifications.

The soldiers on the eastern peak hid while others in the valley stared in horror at the western mountain. In the gray sky, an unremarkable figure fell from the eastern sky to the base of the mountain at an extremely fast speed. With everyone focused on the western mountain top, no one noticed a lone figure pass by.

And this lone figure was Charlie, who’d jumped from an altitude of more than 5,000 meters!

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