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Chapter 2648

After landing, the plane immediately taxied to a large hangar. There was a 4 prop transport plane waiting in the hangar, with the flight crew performing their pre-flight inspection.

After the jet stopped, the boarding ladder was docked and the crew opened the door. Charlie and Isaac Cameron walked out of the cabin together.

Beneath the ladder a middle-aged man with a Chinese face was waiting for Charlie and Isaac Cameron. As they walked down, he hurriedly stepped forward and bowed respectfully “Hello Master, welcome to Beirut. ”

Charlie looked at the man and found him to be about the same age as Isaac Cameron, in his thirties. His Mandarin was very standard, and he did not seem to be a long-term overseas Chinese.

So he asked, “Are you from the Wade family?”

The man hurriedly replied “Yes Master, I am the spokesperson of the Wade family in the Middle East. My name is Zack Lyles. Your grandfather specifically asked me to fly over from Saudi Arabia to help unblock relations here, and provide help and support for whatever you need. ”

Charlie nodded slightly and asked him “How’s the situation across the border?”

Zack Lyles explained “The Syrian rebels are in a stalemate with the U.S. embassy. The embassy is very firm this time and refuses to compromise, so I’m guessing the rebels will lose patience soon.”

Charlie asked again “Is the US embassy not prepared to intervene, or are there other plans being made in the background?”

Zack Lyles said helplessly “At present they are not going to intervene. Mainly because they haven’t gotten any benefits from Syria in the past few years, and they don’t want to be implicated again after the withdrawal.”

“On the other hand, the young american hostages are not from rich or political families, they have no influential background. The U.S. government wants the matter to appear trivial, so they’re suppressing news in their country. Major European outlets were also ordered not to carry any follow-up reporting.”

“In this way, even if the rebels do execute the eight hostages, American citizens won’t hear a thing.”

Zack Lyles then spoke with intensity “The present situation in Syria is particularly chaotic. Not only is the government and rebels fighting, but there are also Kurdish forces involved.”

“With countries like the United States, Russia, Iran, and Turkey all working both openly and secretly with the various forces, the amount and size of conflicts has led to non-stop fighting throughout the country day and night. The U.S. Embassy has long since warned American citizens against entering Syria. The hostages knowingly entered a warzone, if anything does happen to them, the American government won’t intervene.”

Charlie nodded heavily and asked him, “Is the skydiving instructor here yet?

“He’s here.” Zack Lyles replied, “The instructor is currently inspecting the parachuting gear on the plane. Young master, I’ll take you to see him. Our plane will take off in ten minutes!”

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