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Chapter 2643

Charlie said that he was going to the airport, Isaac subconsciously said, “Master, I can arrange a car immediately to take you there.”

Charlie shook his head and explained : “The Concorde will take off 5 minutes after it lands. So I will need to get to the airport before it arrives. It should be here in less than 20 minutes already. A helicopter is the only way to get there in time.”

Isaac Cameron recovered, embarrassed and said:. “Right right right, I forgot the Concorde is flying fast, a moment, I’ll arrange a helicopter ready to take off.”

After that, Isaac picked up the walkie-talkie on the table and blurted out: “The helicopter crew is preparing immediately and will take off to Aurous Hill Airport in five minutes.”

Soon, Charlie heard the helicopter engine starting from the roof.

Isaac hurriedly said: “Master, you can set off.”

“Thank you.” Charlie stood up without hesitation, and walked out of Isaac Cameron’s office.

Isaac Cameron’s office itself is on the top floor, and the helipad on the top of the building is directly above his office. At the entrance of his office, there is a special elevator that can rise directly to the top of the building.

Under the guide of Isaac, Charlie took the special elevator to the top of the building. The helicopter had started at this time and was ready to take off at any time.

A crew member opened the door of the helicopter and stood aside respectfully, Charlie stepped forward without hesitation. He didn’t expect Isaac to follow.

Charlie said, “Isaac, you don’t need to send me off. Isaac Cameron said hurriedly: “Master, I am not going to send you off, I am going to go with you.”

Charlie frowned and said, “No. I can do it myself.”

Isaac blurted out: “No master. You have never been to Syria and you are not familiar with that area of the world. Although your strength is unmatched, I still hope to be able to follow you and give you any help that I can possibly give through whatever connections I have.”

Seeing Isaac’s insistence, Charlie did not refuse, and said: “Okay, let’s go together.”

Isaac was overjoyed, and hurriedly sat down beside Charlie, and said to the crew: “Take off!”

The helicopter immediately climbed the Aurous Hill skyline. Speeding away in the direction of the airport.

Twenty minutes later, when the helicopter was less than ten kilometers away from the airport, Charlie saw a slender white passenger plane in the sky above him, swiftly passing by.

Unlike the arc-shaped front face of an ordinary passenger plane, the nose of this plane is a very sharp cone, and the wing is not in the shape of two open wings, but a triangular wing that is rearward. The shape of this delta wing is the kind of design style that is extremely speedy.

Isaac on the side also saw the plane and said excitedly: “Look, my master, that is the Concorde. It seems that this plane is passing by quickly!”

It’s a lot faster, so it had soon left the helicopter behind in the blink of an eye.

Charlie looked at this sci-fi-like plane, and couldn’t help feeling excited. He really didn’t expect it to look so advanced. It was impressive that this was a product from many years ago.

What makes him even more appreciative is that the power of capital is indeed extreme. The cost of this aircraft is high, and the cost of modification and maintenance is higher. The cost of running it is faster than burning money. Really no one can afford such expensive things save a large family with assets of more than trillions.

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