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Chapter 2639

The Concorde was once the only supersonic airliner in the world that was truly put into commercial operation. For many young people, they may not know this aircraft at all, but they have to admit that this aircraft has written a strong fortune in the history of civil aviation.

Looking at the law of development of human science and technology over the past few decades, an interesting phenomenon will be discovered, that is, people have been relatively conservative in the development of science and technology in recent years.

However, during the Cold War from the 1960s to the 1980s, it was a golden age when human technology thrived and developed widely and rapidly. The people of that era showed unprecedented enthusiasm and radicalism in the field of science and technology.

In the era when the computing power of computers was not as good as the Cassidy Learning Machine, the Soviet Union sent astronauts to space and the United States sent astronauts to the moon.

Also in that era, people lost interest in ordinary subsonic civil aviation aircraft and began to step into the supersonic era with their heads high.

In 1975, the Concorde airliner that could reach twice the speed of sound was officially put into use. At that time, people had already enjoyed the supersonic airliner at 2,150 kilometers per hour.

Now, it takes nearly two hours to fly from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, but if you take the Concorde, it only takes 25 minutes.

It is a pity that although this aircraft is extremely fast, its fuel economy is extremely poor, so with the arrival of the economic crisis and a serious flight accident, this aircraft withdrew from the civil aviation stage in 2003 and has since disappeared from the world.

Today, most people don’t even remember the existence of this aircraft, but several of these aircraft have been well preserved.

And, without exception, all became the exclusive property of the world’s elite.

Charlie’s grandfather Lord Wade has one.

His Concorde airliner was bought and spent huge financial resources on transformation and maintenance. Up to now, it costs tens of millions of dollars in basic maintenance costs every year.

However, Lord Wade spent so much money on this plane, but it is difficult for him to fly more than once a year.

However, for the top big families, this kind of aircraft is equivalent to the nuclear weapons of a big country. It can be kept in storage at ordinary times and will not be used for several years or even decades, but once a major event requires it, it can be put into use immediately.

Therefore, Isaac thought of this method. As long as Lord Wade is willing to lend this Concorde to Charlie, Charlie will be sent to Syria within four and a half hours, nothing to say!

However, Lord Wade valued this aircraft very much. He hadn’t used it for anyone except himself. Even his children did not have the opportunity to use it. Isaac was just a spokesperson for the Wade family in Aurous Hill. He couldn’t even get in touch with Lord Wade directly, so Charlie could only talk to Lord Wade about this matter.

Charlie was instantly awakened by his words.

He couldn’t hide his excitement and blurted out: “That’s great! With the Concorde I can save the time that I need!”

As he said, he immediately took out his cell phone and said, “I will call him, and I will borrow this plane.”

Isaac said with some worry: “Master, it is said that your grandfather has very precious thoughts about this plane. He has never loaned it out or let anyone other than himself use it. I am now worried that he will not be willing to lend it to you.”

Charlie said solemnly, “No matter what, I will give a call first and try!”

After speaking, he hit the call button for his grandfather Lord Wade.

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