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Chapter 2632

He then untied the red rope, and removed the five copper coins onto his palm. As he shook the coins in his hand he said coldly “Boy, look forward to it!

After he finished speaking, the five coins were tossed out, and he stared at how they landed. He said with shock “The hexagram shows that your daughter will encounter blood and fire in the near future. If you do not intervene in time, I’m afraid it will become a disaster!”

Mr. Riley absorbed his words about the fatal danger to his daughter and quickly asked “Excuse me sir, please save my daughter!”

Charlie contemplated the old man’s throw. The five emperor coins thrown by the old man were indeed five ancient coins of real materials, but the message conveyed by the hexagrams was more fog than meaning.

The hexagram appeared this way not because the prospects of the target individual were confusing, but because the skill of the fortune-teller was very limited. The old man’s abysmal skill level only left a fog. To put it plainly, the hexagram told him the old man was clueless.

The hexagram couldn’t understand anything, it only vaguely referred to blood and fire. It was obvious the old fortune-teller was deliberately panicking people in order to cheat them.

Charlie was sure the old guy was a fraud, with only the most basic understanding of hexagrams. At his level, if it is placed in the medical field, it is equivalent to just learning how to distinguish between the front and the back of an X-ray film, anything more would be beyond his comprehension.

This meant his fortune-telling at his current skill level was completely deceitful.

Charlie pretended to be surprised and said “Just by throwing these 5 copper coins on the ground, can you figure out if a person’s future is good or bad?”

“Naturally!” The old man said proudly “I’ve had the ability to learn for over fifty years, my skills have been perfected.”

Charlie sneered “I don’t believe it, let me try!”

Without warning he grabbed the five copper coins one-by-one. He then focused his mind completely on Mr. Riley and his daughter according to the writings on the divination of copper coins in the Apocalyptic Book.

After a moment of meditation he threw five copper coins out. Seeing that he was really serious, the old man pouted his lips in disdain, and said, “You think by copying me you can understand this hexagram?”

Charlie ignored his cynicism, and focused all his attention on these five copper coins. The amount of foreknowledge shown by the coins was incredible!

First, the overall hexagram image is the main issue: It was extremely cruel in dealing with mortality. In other words, Zoey not only had a great probability of tragedy, but almost certain death!

Secondly, this sword bears images of a correction to the west with almost no deviation; that is, there must’ve been an accident involving Zoey directly west of Aurous Hill;

Syria, located in the Middle East, West Asia, and the Aurous Hill province were almost the same In terms of dimension. The hexagram image points to the west of Aurous Hill, which means that Zoey’s current dimension does not deviate from Charlie’s position!

In the end, the hexagram image as a whole shows tragedy and death, with the only life gate in Aurous Hill.

He immediately took out his mobile phone and checked the latitude and longitude of Syria and Aurous Hill on a search engine. and found that Syria’s land was between 32 degrees 20 minutes north latitude and 37 minutes. Aurous Hill happens to be between 31 and 32 degrees and 37 minutes north latitude!

In other words, Zoey’s current dimension is within the interval of 32 degrees 20 minutes and 37 minutes north latitude!

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