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Chapter 2631

“Everything is not good? Mr. Riley heard these four words and shivered “Excuse me, but what does that mean?!”

The old man asked disgustedly “Have you never had your fortune read before? Don’t you know what these four words mean? This is extremely unlucky!”

After that, he continued very seriously “When it comes to this sign, whatever you ask will turn unlucky! If you ask about the relationship between a husband and wife, it indicates they will inevitably divorce. If you ask about a career, it indicates the career will lead nowhere. If you ask about fortune, then it indicates your fortune will surely plummet. And if you ask about the safety of your loved ones, it indicates that the other party will encounter a major catastrophe, unable to escape!”

“What?!” Mr. Riley became anxious after hearing these words, and asked nervously “Old man, do you have any way to resolve my daughter’s disaster?”

“Only this” the old man said with emotion “If you’d drawn another sign, I might be able to think of a way, but you got this one… This is a very difficult matter!”

The old man continued “But if I go all out and break the fortune, there may still be a ray of hope!”

The old man had completely disrupted the rhythm of Mr. Riley, who’s only concern now was the safety of his daughter. All the books he read and knowledge he’d gained for so many years was completely useless.

His face was full of tension and eagerness. “Sir, I beg you to help!”

The old man saw him take the bait, chuckled, and said: “Since you are so sincere, then I will give it a try, but breaking this predicament is hard for me. It’s simply too big, so it’ll cost five-thousand this time to show me your sincerity.”

Mr. Riley doesn’t care about five thousand at all. If spending five thousand can increase the probability of his daughter’s safe return by even one ten thousandth, then he would do his best to get five thousand in exchange for his daughter’s safety.

Without thinking, he raised his phone again to scan the qr code.

Charlie finally spoke up “Old sir, the money itself doesn’t matter, but you should tell us about the specific situation, or what methods you will use to correct the bad fortune so we know what we’re spending money on.”

The old man didn’t expect Charlie to speak up halfway through and disturpt his chance at the money, so he sneered and said: “young man, you dare to doubt my skills?

Charlie waved his hand “I dare not doubt you, I just want a clear understanding. It’s like repairing a car. Although we don’t know how to repair it, we’d like to know where it is broken and what parts will be used to repair it.”

The old man sneered, “Hmph! I have a way to get rid of this predicament. I can use the Five Emperors’ money for divination and find out the specific crisis his daughter is facing. Then I’ll use magic charms to break the bad fortune! We can even use Taishang Laojun to save her in a hurry like a law. Each solution consumes different energy and corresponds to a different price.”

Charlie smiled and nodded.

He recollected the writings about divination in the Apocalyptic Book, which did use ancient coins for divination, but the records didn’t state the use of the five emperors’ coins, only that the real ancient coins should be used. The older the coin, the better the effect.

As for the theory of the Five Emperors’ coins, it only emerged in modern times. They often refer to coins from the Five Emperors coins. Although the author of the Apocalyptic Book is nowhere to be tested, judging by the age of the porcelain vase, this book was written during the Ming Dynasty at the latest. The earliest version of the Five Emperors’ Money had to come from Ming Chao, so the ancient coin divination method recorded in it should be much earlier than the Five Emperors’ method, and it can even be said it is the ancestor of the five emperors’ coins theory.

So Charlie deliberately asked him: “What can you tell us with the five emperor’s coins? Or else, you can make a divination first? If you do well, I will give you ten thousand!”

The old man immediately said “Okay! Then I will show you!”

Afterwards he took out a string of copper coins from his pocket, on which five coins of different dynasties hung.

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