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Chapter 2616

Charlie smiled slightly at this time and said, “Professor Riley, I still have tens of billions in cash in my hands. Moreover, I have a pharmaceutical company with a good momentum and an annual profit of tens of billions. It may even exceed 100 billion next year, and it is entirely possible to continue to supply blood for my other projects.

Mr. Riley said in surprise: “You have a pharmaceutical company with an annual profit of over 10 billion? What is its name?”

Charlie said: “Oracle Pharmaceutical, I wonder if you have ever heard of it?”

Mr. Riley was even more shocked, blurting out, “Is it the company that produces Nova Dias?!”

Charlie nodded, “Yes, the current core product is Nova Dias.”

“My God!” Mr. Riley exclaimed, “Nova Dias is now well-known worldwide! My gastrointestinal tract has some minor problems, and I took it some time ago. I used to not dare to eat raw, cold, or spicy food. Now that I have taken Nova Dias, it’s no problem to eat Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Yuzhou hot pot, and Japanese cuisine.”

He said, “I also have many friends in the United States who asked me to help them buy this medicine. This medicine has a great reputation everywhere, but I really didn’t expect this company to be yours.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Originally, I reached a cooperation with Weaver Pharmaceuticals. I reorganized Weaver Pharmaceuticals and gave certain shares to the person in charge of Weaver Pharmaceuticals. Then I integrated Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, so the production capacity increased by leaps and bounds. I believe that Nova Dias will soon cover the global market. By that time, hundreds of billions of profits a year are really nothing to worry about.”

“Really!” Mr. Riley said very seriously: “The biggest magic weapon of a pharmaceutical company is good medicine! The world’s top pharmaceutical companies have annual revenues of hundreds of billions of US dollars, which are equivalent to several trillions here. However, their net profits are generally not too high because of the huge research and development costs and the cost of a drug. R&D costs can easily cost billions or even tens of billions of dollars. Is the R&D cost of your Nova Dias Powder high?”

Charlie shook his head: “The research and development cost of Oracle Nova Dias is not high, so my Oracle Pharmaceutical has a larger profit margin than other pharmaceutical companies.”

Mr. Riley gave an approving smile and said: “This is really amazing! Looking at it this way, you will be able to build your own business map in a few years! The future is limitless!” As he said, he sighed helplessly, and said: “To tell the truth, Now is really a good opportunity for you to cut into ocean transportation, the market has released such a large share, and you do not lack cash flow in your hands, you can quickly build a huge transportation fleet, and then quickly promote related industries. It’s a pity that I really can’t violate my oath to help you, and Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics also has high hopes for me. I look forward to taking the economic management major of Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics to the highest level in the country. I really want this to be my hometown. The elders have made some long-term contributions and hoped to train more outstanding students.”

Charlie quickly nodded and said: “Professor Riley, I understand what you said. In contrast, your current work is more socially valuable. It has social significance, and I personally understand it!”

Mr. Riley was silent for a moment, and suddenly remembered something, and said with excitement, “Charlie! If you don’t mind it, then let my daughter help you!”

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