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Chapter 2614

At that time, Jobs regarded her as a guest of honor, and when Apple’s market value was only a few billion dollars, she used hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for 10% of Apple’s shares! Now, Apple’s market value is more than two trillion dollars. U.S. dollars, equivalent to RMB more than 15 trillion! The 10% of your mother’s investment that year, after a round of dilution and reduction, should now be about 6%!”

“How much is converted into RMB? Almost nine Hundred billion! But your mother not only invested in Jobs’ Apple, she also invested in her younger brothers at Stanford, Larry Page.”

“Larry Page is the founder of Google, Google Search, Google Maps, Android mobile phone system, and the well-known intelligent Go robot Alpha Dog some time ago are all products of this company. Now the market value of this company is more than one trillion US dollars, and your mother’s venture capital fund, The shareholding ratio in this company exceeds 10%!”

“So, the income your mother received from investing in these two companies has exceeded the sum of all the assets of the Wade family. If you take your mother’s venture capital fund back then All of the investment income of the Banks Family is counted in. I am afraid that the Banks Family and the Wade family are not opponents, let alone the assets of the entire Evans family.”

Charlie was already stunned when he heard this! Many people know or have heard of it. Silicon Valley miracle that year, Charlie is no exception. numerous high-tech enterprise born from here, the market value of billions of dollars more than the number of companies to count, there are over one hundred billion of several, or even more than one trillion also two or three.

That year, Anyone who can take money to invest in Silicon Valley, can close their eyes and invest casually, they can also invest in a lot of companies with unlimited potential. And the room for growth is beyond imagination.

Back then, Japan’s Sun Zhengyi invested 20 million US dollars in Alibaba, making a full 50 billion US dollars;

The South African Press Group in South Africa invested more than 30 million U.S. dollars in Tencent Group and made a full-30 billion U.S. dollars!

This is the charm of investment. If you seize a potential stock, you can achieve a net profit of thousands of times. These are classic investment cases familiar to the Chinese people.

But Charlie really didn’t expect that his gentle, virtuous, and knowledgeable mother would have such a glorious history!

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