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Chapter 2611

When Mr. Riley said this, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Sometimes the adult world is like this. Everyone has a very good relationship, but because the distance is too far and each has its own life, it may be difficult to see each other for three to five years.”

Immediately, he was serious and said: “Although my wife and I, though it was rare to meet with your mother, our feelings were still very strong. When your mother was alive, my wife and I depended on her as a very close friend, it’s a pity that such a good person went so young.”

Hearing this, Charlie couldn’t help but feel sad in his heart. The people around their parents spoke highly of them, but unfortunately, they knew little about the deeds of the two of them. In fact, Charlie was just a kid who had just entered the second grade of elementary school when his parents died.

Children at that age have a very simple and superficial perspective on problems and the world. They only know that their parents love them very much, but they don’t know what kind of person their parents are.

Sometimes Charlie envied Stefanie’s father Orrin. Because he has known his father for much longer than himself. He also knows his father better than himself. Now, he admires Mr. Riley very much. Because he felt that Mr. Riley knew his mother better than himself.

Seeing Charlie’s lonely expression, Mr. Riley couldn’t help but step forward and patted him on the shoulder, and comforted: “It has been so long, so don’t be sad about it anymore. Your mother’s life in the first two decades were really brilliant. Our classmates at the time said that it must be because God lacks such a good person, so she was sent to heaven early.”

Charlie nodded gently. Regarding parents, apart from sadness, he still has regrets in his heart. The most regrettable thing is that he, as their children, lacks enough understanding of their lives.

Mr. Riley smiled at this time and said: “Let’s talk about you, how did you become the chairman of the Emgrand Group now? Did you go back to the Wade family?”

Charlie smiled bitterly: “I have been here in Aurous Hill and have lived in the orphanage for nearly two decades and worked as a son-in-law in the Wilson family for four years. The Wade family only found me last year. As for the Emgrand Group, it was also a gift they gave me. In addition to the Emgrand Group, they also gave it to me 10 billion in cash as compensation, but these don’t seem to make much sense to me. I haven’t moved a cent of the Emgrand Group’s money until now. As for the 10 billion, I only used it to save the life of my caretaker at first. I paid for the medical bills for her, then I bought a car and a necklace for my wife. From there I didn’t spend that money.”

Speaking of this, Charlie sighed and continued: “But it doesn’t make sense to say this. Although I don’t want to take the Wade Family’s money, I have to admit that if the Wade Family didn’t give me these, I might still be the trash son-in-law accused by thousands of people and cast aside by thousands of people.”

Mr. Riley sighed and said: “You have suffered so much for so many years. In fact, I can say something right. If your parents were still alive, you would be the best in the world. And although I don’t know your father, I have heard of some of your father’s deeds. Back then, the Wade family relied on your parents to have the situation they have today! I can say realistically, the assets that they have are at least 50% of your parents’ work. So in the final analysis, they give you far less than what should be yours!”

Charlie smiled bitterly and shook his head: “It doesn’t matter anymore. I actually want to create it on my own. After all, I still don’t know whether the death of my parents back then has anything to do with the Wade family. So I also hope to accumulate enough strength so that I can surpass the Wade family, and even surpass the Banks Family in all aspects, so that in the future, once the murderer of my parents is found, I will be confident enough to make them pay the price.

Mr. Riley Suddenly, he blurted out: “That’s why you want to do ocean transportation?”

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