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Chapter 2596

Mr. Riley smiled slightly: “It’s okay, Mr. Wilson, you were busy before I came up.”

Then he said jokingly: “Right, Mr. Wilson, you should be about fifty years old?”

“Yes, fifty.” Jacob nodded.

Mr. Riley smiled and said, “Then you can’t call me a little brother because I am a few years older than you. I was fifty-five this year.”

What?!” Jacob was dumbfounded and asked: “You are fifty-five this year?!’

“Yes.” Mr. Riley said with a smile: “I just passed my 55th birthday in January this year, and I am considered 56 years old.”

Jacob had some difficulty displaying his feelings on this. Not because of anger, but mostly too low self-esteem.

He thought Mr. Riley should be around forty-five years old.

He didn’t expect this guy to be five years older than himself! Mr. Riley looked at Matilda at this time and asked her: “By the way, Matilda, Mr. Wilson has to leave, how about you? Are you in a hurry to go back? If you don’t rush back, let’s run for a while?”

Matilda just hadn’t run to the fullest, feeling that she was still full of physical strength and energy. Upon hearing Mr. Riley’s proposal, she almost agreed without hesitation and smiled: “Okay. I haven’t run enough. Let’s run for a while.” After that, she looked at Jacob and Charlie, and smiled: “Jacob, Charlie, then I won’t go back with you, Charlie, drive safe.”

Jacob was gloomy and wanted to stop him, but he didn’t know where to cut it in.

Charlie accepted it, and said to Matilda, “Matilda, then we’ll leave first.”

After that, Charlie gave Jacob a hand: “Dad, let’s go.”

Jacob was extremely gloomy. When Charlie returned to the car, Matilda had already ran forward with Mr. Riley.

He looked at the backs of the two of them, and said angrily: “Charlie, the man said he was fifty-five, how could a fifty-five-year-old man be so young?!”

Charlie laughed and said, “People like sports, like Matilda, most of the credit for keeping them looking so good comes from long-term unremitting sports and exercise.”

Jacob smacked his lips and said with a black face: “I think this guy is interested in Matilda!”

Charlie casually said: “Matilda is good looking, surely many men are interested in her, right?”

Jacob said a little anxiously: The key is that this guy seems to be very good too! Professor of MIT, this title alone is already very scary, maybe he will become my biggest competitor!” With that, he couldn’t help but curse: “Damn, these ones who have gone abroad, can’t they just stay abroad? Why are they so impressive when they come back?”

Charlie didn’t care, and said with a smile: “After leaving home for a while, people still hope that they can return to their roots in the future. Besides, when they return to China to become a professor, they are also contributing to the country and at least able to cultivate talents for the motherland.”

Jacob angrily said, “It is not a loss for the country to be less of him! Especially this guy from the United States! Your Matilda has also lived in the United States for many years and must have many common things. What about me? I have never seen anything in the United States!”

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