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Chapter 2592

“Yes!” Lord Banks gritted his teeth and said: “Aurous Hill was originally in the Wade family’s sphere of influence, belonging to the Wade family’s territory. Suddenly Ito went to Aurous Hill. It was very strange in itself and chose to stay at the Wade family hotel. It’s even more dangerous.”

Zayne asked hurriedly, “Dad, are you worried that the Ito family will cooperate with the Wade family?”

“Yes.” Lord Banks said seriously: “At present, our ocean transportation industry is suspended. The entire industry has been in turmoil over time. On the one hand, because we have suspended shipping, there is a large gap in the demand for international shipping that cannot be met, and the freight rate has not increased. On the other hand, the rented ships in our hands must be released. Once the shipowner is released, these ships will become the objects of competition between other families and businesses. The most threatening one is the Wade family!”

Zayne meditated for a moment, and said, “Dad, if the Wade family really and the Ito family is on the line, it would be too bad for us! Maybe the Wade family will completely overtake the Banks Family because of this opportunity!”

Lord Banks hummed, and said gloomily, “So there are several things that you need to solve now.”

Zayne hurriedly stood up and said: “Dad, if you have anything I need to do, just give your instructions.”

Lord Banks said, “I want you to go to Aurous Hill. First find out Ito’s motive for going to Aurous Hill. What is it? Then try to find a way to establish contact with Yuhiko Ito, and then strive for cooperation with the Ito family. At that time, the conditions can be set higher. First let the Ito family give up the cooperation with the Wade family, and then slowly follow to establish the cooperation. This time I don’t know how long they will delay. We have to prepare with both hands!”

Zayne said hurriedly, “Dad, if I go to Aurous Hill too, then you will be in Southaven alone. I don’t want to go to Aurous Hill and leave you here.”

“Don’t worry about me.” Lord Banks said faintly: “No one knows that I am in Southaven. So you should hurry up and get things done with the Ito family! Reach a cooperation. They must never join hands with the Wade Family. Once they get together with the Wade Family, then we will be in big trouble!”

In the eyes of Lord Banks, the Wade Family has always been his mortal enemy. The Banks Family and the Wade Family are like two bullies in the village. In terms of combat effectiveness, the Banks Family is slightly stronger than the Wade Family. However, if the two parties really fight, the Banks Family cannot easily win. Therefore, there has been no real major conflict between the two sides.

Now, the Banks Family has fallen, and the injury will not recover for a while, so the combat effectiveness is a bit weaker than the Wade family, which is equivalent to the roles reversing, but neither side dare to fight to death with each other still.

However, at this time the bully in the next village went to the Wade family as a guest. What the Banks Family was most worried about now was that the Wade family and the bully in the next village would unite to deal with him. If that were the case, the Banks Family would have little power to resist.

Zayne said at this time: “Dad, if they both reach a consensus, then their next cooperation will be determined. It is difficult for us to control their choice!”

Lord Banks said lightly, “It doesn’t matter, if you can’t control their choice, kill Yuhiko Ito in Aurous Hill, and then throw the blame to the Wade family. Think about how the Matsumoto family did it? Didn’t they just want to kill Fitz and Zara, and then throw the blame to the Ito family?”

Zayne Hesitatingly said: “Dad, we have already encountered a lot of problems now. Xion, Zara, and Deana, these are the places that the outside world targeted the Banks Family. If we continue to engage in this kind of action and it is really exposed, the consequences would be disastrous!”

Lord Banks said coldly: “Disastrous? I tell you what is disastrous! Once the Wade family and the Ito family have reached a cooperation, they will definitely take advantage of this opportunity to rapidly expand in the field of ocean transportation, which is likely to be within a few months. Then they destroy all our foundations. If we lose this business, our strength will be lower than that of the Wade Family. If we lose this business and are picked up by the Wade Family, then this is the case. We will be more inferior than them!”

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