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Chapter 2581

Before the word “bath” was finished, Jacob was stunned by the scene before him.

At this time, Matilda had got out of bed and was standing by the bed.

The down jacket on her body has been taken off by her. She is only wearing a nightgown, not to mention, the sleeves on both sides fell slightly above the elbows.

And Matilda, she didn’t have the ailing look like before. It can be said that she is in excellent condition, energetic, and her complexion is ruddy and shiny. What’s more exaggerated is that at this time, Matilda is moving hard. Extending her arms, she felt so good that she just jumped on the spot twice.

Jacob was stunned, and he was surprised for a long time before he came back to his senses. He stammered and asked: “What are you doing?”

Matilda said with full anger: Jacob, I feel I’m completely better, thanks to your bowl of millet porridge!”

Jacob Feeling that the whole world seems to have become magical, he blurted out: “It’s just a bowl of millet porridge, how can it have such a magical effect?”

Matilda moved her body and said seriously: “But I do feel that my whole body is completely Okay. not only is it completely better, and my condition is much better than when I was not sick. Now I feel that my body is not cold at all, but it is also very hot. More importantly, I feel that I have endless energy.”

Jacob was almost crying, and said with a gloomy expression: “What’s the deal with that? I have never heard that millet porridge has such a great effect. This is strange…”

Matilda pinched her waist. Raised one hand high and stretched to the side, without changing her face, she said: “I also find it very magical, as if you put some elixir in millet porridge.”

Jacob sighed: “Where did it come from? What kind of elixir? he said, he hurriedly asked: “Matilda, can we still soak in the bath?”

Matilda shook her head and said hurriedly “Jacob, what time do you plan to go home?”

Jacob asked depressedly: “Matilda, you will just chase me away when you are well?”

Matilda hurriedly said: “Oh, am I such a person who would do that? I wanted to go exercise together, but I am afraid that it will take you too long, and you will not be able to explain to Elaine after you get home.”

Jacob subconsciously became a little fanciful, and hurriedly said: “It’s okay, I can go back no matter when. I can have two or three hours still.”

Matilda said excitedly, “That’s great!”

Jacob asked subconsciously: “Matilda, what kind of exercise do you want to do?

Matilda blurted out: “I want to go for a run by the river. Wait for me at the door, I’ll chang into sportswear and we can both set off.”

“What?” Jacob said with a look of shock: “You want to go to the river for a run in the late evening?”

Matilda nodded and said: “Yes, I feel like I’m full of energy now. So I want to go out for a lap!” She checked the time and said, “It’s not too late. It’s just seven o’clock. Many people who like to run at night usually do this.”

Jacob’s desire is gone. He thought “What the hell is going on, how did the fever get better so quickly? Under normal circumstances, the body is extremely weak after a high fever, but right now, it seems to be totally unreasonable.”

Matilda urged a little anxiously: “Jacob, do you want to go or not, or do you want me to go by myself? I really can’t contain it anymore.”

Jacob is ashamed to say no, and he can not stay in her family home, that would be too weird. Thinking of this, Jacob could only say with a sad face: “Okay, since you want to run, then I must accompany you.”

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