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Chapter 2570

When Lord Banks heard this, he was immediately excited that he would go because they had no idea about the situation in Aurous Hill. Since Mr. Mai was willing to go, he certainly couldn’t ask for anything more.

So, he said excitedly: “Uncle Mai, you are willing to go to Aurous Hill, it would be great for you to go. If there is anything I need to prepare in advance, please tell me.”

Mr. Mai and wave your hand: “You don’t need to prepare anything specially for us. The more you prepare, the more likely you are to reveal our connection.”

Lord Banks hurriedly said: “Uncle Mai, then I will help you arrange food, clothing, housing and transportation to Aurous Hill.”

“No need.” Mr. Mai refused: “You don’t need to prepare for anything. I will take a train to Aurous Hill with Mike tomorrow morning. When we arrive in Aurous Hill, we will find a hotel to stay.”

Seeing that Mr. Mai was determined, Lord Banks no longer insisted, and said, “Then everything is ready, Uncle Mai.”

An hour later, a Gulfstream G650 private jet landed. At Aurous Hill Airport.

Nanako Ito was so excited that when she thought that she had finally come to the city where Charlie lived, her heart was already surging. After passing the customs inspection, the group came to the exit of the corporate jet building. A convoy of luxury cars has been waiting here for a long time.

Seeing Nanako Ito pushing Yuhiko Ito out of the wheelchair, Jasmine immediately smiled and waved at her: “Nanako!”

Nanako Ito was naturally very happy when she saw her, so she quickly responded: “Jasmine, why are you here coming to pick us up?”

Jasmine laughed: “You and Uncle Ito come all the way over. As a host if I do not meet in person, it is bad etiquette.” With that, she quickly rushed Yuhiko Ito slightly bowed politely said: “Uncle Ito, Welcome to Aurous Hill.”

Yuhiko Ito folded his hands together, squinted slightly, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Miss Moore for making a special trip to pick us up.”

Jasmine said hurriedly, “Uncle Ito is welcome to come any time. Since you are staying in Aurous Hill for a few more days. You must come stay with me.”

Jasmine said again: “Nanako, Uncle Ito, the team is ready, let’s go to my house and have a rest. The rooms are ready. I will prepare a dinner party for you and let you recuperate from the trip.”

Yuhiko Ito hurriedly said: ” Miss Moore, I have already booked a hotel. Emi, Tanaka and I are staying in the hotel together, so we come to disturb you.”

Jasmine said quickly: Uncle Ito, you have arrived in Aurous Hill. As the host, how can I allow you to stay in a hotel? The rooms at home are ready, and there are enough rooms, so you can stay safely.”

Ito said with a smile, “Miss Moore, we are not a last resort. I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone. Nanako is a good friend of yours. She can stay in your house. I naturally don’t have any opinion on that. But we will not come to bother you. Otherwise, a dozen people will bother you. I really feel bad for it.”

Although the Japanese are very polite and polite on the surface, in fact they are somewhat indifferent in their core. This kind of indifference is actually not a lack of favor, but they don’t like to cause trouble to others. If they can do things on their own, they try their best to do it themselves. Only trouble others as a last resort. This is basically the norm in Japanese social life. Therefore, Yuhiko Ito prefers to stay in a hotel, being free, without restraining himself, and without causing trouble to others.

Jasmine wanted to persuade him again. Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Jasmine, you don’t have to persuade my dad. He is stubborn and you can’t persuade him.”

Jasmine stopped insisting on hearing this.

At this time, the side of Emi Ito came forward, took the wheelchair from Nanako’s hands, she said: “Nanako, leave your father to me, you go ahead with Miss Moore.”

Nanako Ito nodded repeatedly, and smiled: “As you with, my aunt.”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly took Jasmine’s arm and ran ahead with her, going ahead 20 or 30 meters, and then asked excitedly: “Jasmine, have you recently seen Charlie? How is he doing? How is he?”

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