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Chapter 2568

Mr. Mai gave a hum , and asked in a deep voice: “Then do you still remember what hint the other party gave you now?”

Kian nodded blankly and said: “I Remember, he asked me to eat shit every hour.”

Mr. Mai blurted out hurriedly: “Don’t tell me you will pay close attention to the copper coins in my hand. From now on, forget all the orders everyone gave you. Do you understand?”

Kian continued to nod: “I understand.”

Mr. Mai wiped his sweat, and asked with some uncertainty: “Do you still remember any hints that the other party gave you?”

Kian said without thinking: “I remember, he told me to eat shit every hour.”

The expression on Mr. Mai’s face was very ugly, and he yelled: “Hurry up and stop Kian!”

He was taken aback. He woke up from the hypnotic state and closed his mouth immediately.

Donald looked at him and nervously asked, “Master Mai, what is going on?”

Mr. Mai shook his head, and said with horror: “The person who gave your son hypnotic hints seems to be much more capable than me. It can’t be erased, and it can’t even be shaken.”


“What?” Donald Webb was shocked and speechless.

He couldn’t believe that a ninety-year-old master of Feng Shui and metaphysics would have nothing compared to Charlie’s tricks. What’s more, Mr. Mai would take the initiative to admit that Charlie’s ability is far greater than his.

Lord Banks beside him, even more shocked, blurted out, “Uncle Mai, what did you mean, it’s absolutely impossible. No master of metaphysics can compare to you!”

Mr. Mai’s face was a little bit awkward. Just now, he was envied and hated by the Dragon God in the hexagram. He did not expect that there is another mysterious master who is better than himself in professional skills. This made him feel even more shocked.

So he said angrily : “It can only be said that there is a greater master at work.”

Lord Banks was surprised by this. He himself originally inferred that in Aurous Hill, there must be a very powerful master fighting against himself. Now Mr. Mai also said that the person who made Kian like this was a person who was stronger than him in Feng Shui metaphysics, and Kian happened to be in Aurous Hill. It means that the master of feng shui metaphysics is also in Aurous Hill. In case it is the same person.

So he hurriedly asked Donald Webb: “Mr. Webb, who did your son offend when he was in Aurous Hill?”

Donald knew that Charlie was the one who his son had offended, but he dare not say right now.

After thinking about it, he could only falteringly explain: “Mr. Banks, to tell you, my son looks harmless to humans and animals, but in fact he is not good.

“I sent him to school. He was good. After he went to school, He stopped focusing on learning. He just wanted to control the female classmates, so that several girls suffered a lot of harm because of him. So I always suspected that he offended a big person, or made a certain big person look bad and that’s why it ended up like this.”

Lord Banks hurriedly asked: “Could the master hide in the university in Aurous Hill?”

Donald Webb said embarrassingly, “I don’t know this…”

Mr. Mai paced back and forth on the spot, muttering in a low voice: “Aurous Hill, Aurous Hill, I really can’t figure out how there can be such a strong person in this small area? Is this place outstanding, or what?”

Mr. Mai’s great-grandson Mike, who has never spoken, said at this moment: “Grandpa, haven’t you always hoped for another breakthrough? I think this is definitely a great opportunity.”

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