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Chapter 2562

“But she never expected any son’s to just leave her, and eventually she froze to death on that extremely cold winter day in Eastcliff. On the day of the funeral, the three sons cried and cried, but everyone can see that it was just a scene for outsiders. After the show, they happily sold the ancestral home where their mother lived, and after the money was divided, they made off happily. You say, if there really is karma, why did this woman’s good deeds lead to a lifetime of suffering?”

Lord Banks thought, seriously said: “Perhaps the last generation owed a debt, and she had to repay what was owed.”

Mr. Mai sneered and said disdainfully: “Only people who can’t understand the law of events will use such rhetoric to impose an explanation. If everyone believes in the previous life or the next life, then you might as well lend me all your money so In the next life, you will be doubled back. Do you agree to this?”

Although Lord Banks knows that Mr. Mai is saying is just to give an example, he starts to agree with Mr. Mai.

At this time, Mr. Mai continued: “Similarly, some people are full of evil, and as a result, not only do they start and end well, but also their children and grandchildren can be shaded.

“It’s like the old woman I just said. After her tragic death, she The three of his sons are lucky, one is doing business so well, one is a warlord, and the other goes to work hard. The offspring are still well-known entrepreneurs. The good guys don’t get a day’s blessing, but the bad guys are lucky. After many generations of his own family, don’t you say that this karma was dealt?”

Lord Banks for a while and was speechless.

Zayne on the side could not help asking: “Grandpa Mai, if karma does not exist at all as you said, then this family has these two extremes. Why are there these two extremes?”

Mr. Mai smiled slightly: “Zayne you ask a good point. If you don’t understand the rules, you’ll just raise your head and curse God and say, “Good people don’t live long and cause harm for thousands of years” but have you thought about it? If there really is causal reincarnation, this sentence is simply impossible, because causal reincarnation will not let good people live long, nor will it cause harm to the millennium. This is a contradiction in itself.”

Mr. Mai changed the conversation and said again: “But if you can understand this law, you will know that in fact, all of this has nothing to do with karma, but from a family. Each has a different fate.

Lord Banks hurriedly said: “Uncle Mai, what is the interpretation of fate,”

Mr. Mai explained : “Fate is numerology, the principle of life, or the law of life. My father once said that the old woman was originally the fate of the lone star of the evil gods. Although she does good all day long, no matter how much she does, it is difficult to change her fate. To use the simplest analogy, Even if you eat more carrots, you cannot become a rabbit, because these are two completely different sets of logic. You can’t pretend to think that rabbits all like carrots, and as long as you eat more carrots, you will become a rabbit.”

Lord Banks and Zayne and his son nodded thoughtfully.

Mr. Mai continued: “The lone star of Tiansha not only kills her husband, her wife, but also her descendants. What’s most miserable is that she not only defeats others, but also cannot escape the lonely end of her six relatives in her old age, so she has A lifetime of suffering, a lifetime of sin. Although her three sons are extremely unfilial, in terms of fate, their own career prospects are invisibly suppressed by the fate of the old woman.”

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