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Chapter 2560

After he turned and left the lounge.

Donald Webb sat on the sofa a little annoyed, and muttered to himself: “Fuck, it’s just a dog. He dared to pretend to me like this. He said so much, he didn’t even pour me a glass of water.

After half an hour a team consisting of a few Rolls-Royce pulled up to the lakeside villa’s door.

Lord Banks, Zayne, and Adrian Peters, are waiting at the door. As the cars stopped, Zayne personally stepped forward and opened the rear door of the second Rolls Royce.

Inside the door, there was an old man with silver hair wearing a black embroidered Tom Ford suit . It seemed that he had to be in his 80s. But he was very sturdy, and you couldn’t guess how he actually was.

Zayne, who is more than fifty years old, looked at the old man in front of him, and said respectfully: “Grandpa Mai, you have been missed for many years.”

The old man smiled slightly. , Twisted his beard, and said cheerfully: “You are abiding by the way. When I saw you last time, you were a big and young man. Now it’s been a long time no doubt.

Zayne said respectfully: “Grandpa Mai, I am now in my fifties. I want to know how you can still be so energetic in your old age.”

The old man laughed and said, “I can’t talk about the spirit. It’s over.”

Lord Banks said hurriedly at this time: “Zayne, please get your Grandpa Mai out first. Don’t let your Grandpa Mai sit in the car for a long time. It’s not good for his health.

So Zayne came back to his senses and hurriedly reached out and said: “Grandpa Mai, let us go inside.”

This old man is the thirty-first generation of the Mai family. Mr. Mai is well-known in the American Chinese circle. Although not as good as others, he can definitely be regarded as a relatively top group of Chinese American Feng Shui masters.

Since Orion Exeor has been relatively low-key these years, and has been to China for several years, he just gave Mr. Mai a chance to rise.

Ninety-three years old and he has never retired, and is still active in the field of Feng Shui. He often goes around to watch Feng Shui and fortune-telling for some top wealthy people, because his strength is indeed high. Not to mention the great reputation behind his family name.

This time, in order to invite him out of the mountain, the Banks Family spent 15 million U.S. dollars, and at the same time paid for his charter flights to and from Aurous Hill, as well as all other expenses for food, clothing, housing and transportation, which brought him over from the United States.

At this time, Mr. Mai stretched out his hand and grabbed Zayne’s arm, and came out of the car dexterously. Lord Banks hurried forward, bowed and said, “Uncle Mai, it’s so hard for you to come so far. I’m sorry.

Mr. Mai smiled and said, “Alfred Banks, your father and I were good brothers. If you have something, I will help.”

As he said, the door of the co-pilot was also pushed open, and a twenty-seven-year-old young man stepped down, paced to the old man, and said respectfully: “Grandpa.”

Mr. Mai stretched out his hand to bring him to his side, and said with a smile: “Alfred, Zayne, let me introduce to you, this is my eldest great-grandson, Mike.

“Mike” Zayne asked subconsciously: “Is it an English name or a Chinese name?”

The young man smiled and said, “Uncle Banks, Mike is my Chinese name, but my English name is also Mike, and the two Chinese characters are also transliterated.

Mr. Mai smiled and said: “Young people are more fashionable. When Mike’s father named him, he deliberately gave him a name that combines Chinese and Western.”

Lord Banks said hurriedly, “This name is very interesting, and it happens to be Mai. Two birds with one arrow, it is really wonderful.

Mr. Mai waved his hand: “Alfred, don’t brag about his dad here. Mike’s name is a bit witty. It’s not wonderful.”

Lord Banks smiled awkwardly and said, “Uncle Mai, I am not as high as your education level. As far as I am concerned, this name is really great.”

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