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Chapter 2559

Donald Webb received Adrian Peters’s notice, and he was very excited. The problem with his younger son Kian has always made him very worried, but he knew very well that Charlie would not be able to cure his younger son in a short while, and now the Banks Family invited a master of Feng Shui metaphysics, he naturally looked forward to this master solving his problem.

So, he immediately said to Adrian Peters: “Thank you, butler, for telling me that. I will bring Kian over and let Master Mai take a look at him.”

Adrian Peters heard this and said hurriedly: “Don’t! Doesn’t your son ask for something every hour? Mr. Mai has just arrived and you don’t know how Mr. Mai feels, you should come by yourself first. After you come, explain your younger son’s situation with him. The old man will give a detailed introduction, this will let Mr. Mai be mentally prepared.”

Donald Webb suddenly felt hot on his face. He only thought of having a chance to heal his youngest son, but he ignored how much his son is now being rejected.

So he had to respectfully say, “Thank you for the reminder. I will do this.”

While Donald Webb departed for the Lake Villa, Isaac Cameron received a report. Half the year the presidential suite is vacant, however it has just been booked by the Ito family of Japan. Even more surprising was that in the list of residents the name of Yuhiko Ito was included. He immediately called Charlie to report.

Charlie was also quite shocked by this. He looked at the list sent to him by Isaac Cameron and was surprised to see Yuhiko Ito’s name, as well as Yuhiko Ito’s sister Ito Emi, and Yuhiko Ito’s right hand man, Tanaka. Charlie wondered why Yuhiko Ito was in Aurous Hill, but also with Tanaka. Knowing that both of them have undergone amputation, and they are both disabled now without legs. Charlie didn’t have any thoughts of despising the disabled or discriminating against the disabled. He just didn’t understand why these two people who are in this situation would come all the way to Aurous Hill.

Thinking about it again, Jasmine said at the beginning that Nanako Ito would also come to Aurous Hill to watch Stefanie’s concert. In that case, it is estimated that Nanako Ito will also be here this time. The reason why I can’t see Nanako Ito’s name on the hotel’s occupant list is because Nanako Ito is planning to live in Jasmine’s house this time.

But Charlie was also a little surprised that when Nanako Ito came to Aurous Hill, she didn’t call him and let him know she was coming.

On the other side, Donald Webb hurried to the lakeside villa of the Banks Family.

After arriving, he did not see Lord Banks and Zayne, but the butler Adrian Peters received him.

Adrian Peters arranged him in a lounge and warned him: “Mr. Mai will be there in a while. You will wait here first. He left this room without authorization. Just sit here and wait for my news.”

Donald Webb was a little unhappy with Adrian Peters’s superior and pretentious attitude. After all, Adrian Peters is not the Banks Family, he is just a dog of Lord Banks’s Although Donald Webb despised Adrian Peters in his heart by 10,000 people, he did not dare to show any dissatisfaction in front of Adrian Peters. He could only say respectfully: “Don’t worry, butler, I will wait here honestly.”

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