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Chapter 2555

Kawana Kurei saw Nanako Ito’s desire to cover up, she couldn’t help sighing, and said helplessly: “Miss, if I have a mirror in front of you now, you will know that you are Nanako Ito , the worst liar in the world”

Nanako immediately blushed with shame, and said falteringly: “I’m not lying!”

“Okay, it’s OK.” Kawakami said helplessly: “Miss, I’m just Your assistant, you don’t have to bother to lie to me. It’s just that when you face Charlie, don’t be so cramped.”

Nanako Ito said with embarrassment: “I’m sorry Kawana, I’m actually not talking about this…”

Nanako sighed helplessly, and said, “Hey, don’t say anything. Thank you for your reminder. Please help me put Momotaro into the flight box. Give him some water. We will go by helicopter in a moment. The airport is out.”

Kawana nodded: “Okay lady, is there anything else you need me to help, I’ll come back.”

Nanako Ito waved her hand and said, “No, you can help me settle Momotaro, and then you Pack your luggage. Let’s go to Aurous Hill this time. It will take a long time.”

Kawana said hurriedly, “Miss, you don’t plan to come back until the concert is over.”

Yes. “Nanako Ito said seriously: “I plan to stay in Aurous Hill until the concert ends. ”

Kawana asked: “What work shall i schedule to be taken care of? there are so many things to be done, ”

“it does not matter.” Nanako Ito smiled and said: “I will deal with work issues eight hours a day, all the work will be through computers and mobile phones Solved online. During this period of time, I have been promoting the entire Ito Group’s online and office reforms. This time I just look at the actual results.”

As she said, she smiled and comforted: “Kawana, don’t worry, I am not the kind of woman who is playful or irresponsible with work. Even if I go to Aurous Hill, I will not be careless about the work I should do.”

Kawana nodded gently. She also had to admit that Nanako Ito is a very hard-working woman, and she took over the position of the head of the family not long ago, but it is very serious and responsible, and many innovative measures she has implemented are quite effective.

Her father Yuhiko Ito is a very traditional Japanese businessman. This old generation of Japanese entrepreneurs usually pays great attention to the sense of ritual. As long as they leave home every day, they must be in suits and leather shoes. They are also meticulous in the company and very rigid.

After Nanako Ito took over the Ito Group, the first thing it did was to gradually transform the Ito Group into a more modern company. The first is to promote paperless offices in the company as much as possible. Paperless is only one aspect, but the bigger purpose is to put most of the work, documents, and files online. In this way, not only the timeliness is fast, the privacy is strong, but also the safety is high, making it easier to read and view.

At the beginning, many old employees were still a little unacceptable. They still followed the older generation’s working methods, and they had to be careful and step by step. However, under the impetus of Nanako Ito, everyone not only accepted the new office style, but also actually felt that the overall work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Now, Nanako Ito continues to promote the company’s online interaction, and even specifically enables real-time video conferencing solutions to ensure that she and other executives, no matter where in the world, as long as there is a network , Even if the work is separated by thousands of miles, the work can be guaranteed not to be affected in any way.

This is a very simple thing for many emerging Internet companies, and it has even become the basic way of their daily work, but for established traditional companies, this is still very new and wants to change them in a short time. My work habits are by no means an easy task. Fortunately, Nanako Ito’s management skills are unambiguous, so these innovations can be steadily promoted.

During this period of time, while reforming the Ito Group, Nanako Ito also went all out to integrate many other resources. The market released by the Takahashi family and the Matsumoto family was fully collected and the Ito family took another step up. This also made Kawana Hisui very admired. Therefore, she is not worried that Nanako Ito will leave her work behind when she goes to Aurous Hill.

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