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Chapter 2552

Zayne proceeded to tell him: “According to the shipping department, it is because our Banks Group’s overseas reputation has recently declined too sharply, and we failed in the overall score, so we are required to make rectification first. Until the rectification is over, we are not allowed to operate ocean shipping business.

Lord Banks was shocked: “Why did they tell us how long we need to make rectification?”

Zayne shook his head and said, “There is no deadline for rectification. They said that we should make rectification as soon as possible. After the rectification is completed, they will follow their time.”

“Let’s arrange a review. If there is no problem with the review, the license can be restored.” Lord Banks exclaimed, “Isn’t this a stumbling block? Our Banks Group’s fastest growing business in the past two years is the ocean shipping business. The price is getting higher and higher. Now the freight of a container is three or four times more expensive than before. It is a rare opportunity in the shipping industry in a century. If we stop our business at this time, it will mean we will be cut off by half.”

Zayne sighed: “Dad, I also told them about this, and even pleaded with them, hoping to get a chance of probation, but the other party just didn’t let go. I also asked someone to inquire about the above meaning, if We cannot resolve this reputational crisis, and give a satisfactory explanation about Tate Landry’s intrusion into Treasure Pavilion. This business will not be opened to us in the future.”

Lord Banks gritted his teeth and said, “This time No one has been arguing about the incident. They are trying to force me to stand up as a target.”

Zayne said helplessly: “In fact, this matter requires an explanation that can be explained above, but we have not given it up.”

Lord Banks snorted coldly and said: “What solution can be provided? All the spearheads are directed at me. Unless I stand out and get beaten, this will never happen.” After that, Lord Banks remembered something and hurriedly said: “By the way, you should prepare quickly A sum of cash was sent to the families of the victims who Tate Landry killed in Treasure Pavilion. In any case, let them come forward and record a video of understanding, and then edit the video of everyone’s understanding into one and post it to the Internet.”

Zayne Said: “Dad, the families of these victims may not cooperate with us in this way.”

Lord Banks said coldly, “Huh, if they don’t cooperate, give them 5 million. If they are willing to cooperate, give them 20 million.”

Zayne nodded: “Dad, then I will arrange someone to go to Aurous Hill to talk to the victim’s families.”

Lord Banks said blankly: “Be sure to update to me.”

“Yes dad”

Lord Banks frowned, and said coldly: “The biggest domestic ocean shipping industry is our Banks Family, followed by the Wade family.”

“Now, if our transportation is stopped, wouldn’t it be for It’s a great opportunity for the Wade Family. As long as this stopped state lasts for more than three months, then the Banks Family will be overtaken by the Wade Family.”

“Yes,” Zayne said grimly: “The Wade Family is now actively sending, I heard that they had just ordered three container ships with the shipyard two days ago, and even went to South Korea to negotiate the chartering business with the South Korean shipping group, because the Wade’s current business volume has surged. The capacity is not enough.”

Lord Banks slapped the table angrily: “There is no reason to let the Wade family pick up a bargain for nothing.” He said sternly : “This matter must not just wait passively. You must find a way to mediate. We temporarily revoke our qualifications, then we will find a qualified shell to hang in, at least not to stop our business.”

Zayne hurriedly said, “Dad, I have already contacted this matter, but other domestic shipping companies dare not call us because they are also worried about being punished.”

Lord Banks scolded in anger, “Damn, this group. They cheat on our Banks Family, and now all of them are damned. Since the domestic can’t handle it, then go to a foreign company.”

Zayne thought for a while, and said: “Korea’s companies have already been preempted by the Wade’s. Now, our best choice is the Ito family in Japan, after the Matsumoto family and the Takahashi family fell, almost all shipping in Japan is now in the hands of the Ito family.

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