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Chapter 2551

Seeing that Charlie seemed indifferent, Isaac Cameron said anxiously, “Master, Fitz, his mother and sister are still missing, yet he is still in the mood to pursue Miss Sun so hard. This proves that this kid is a ruthless and unjust thing. If Miss Sun is such a good girl, if she is really deceived by him, it is not just Miss Sun who suffers the loss. Wouldn’t you also lose a lot?”

Charlie coughed twice: “Don’t worry about it. I am a married person. It is her freedom to choose her other half. It is not a turn the two of us have to worry about.”

After speaking, Charlie suddenly felt distasteful. At the same time, what makes him feel very surprised is that his heart at this moment really agrees with what Isaac Cameron said just now. As Isaac Cameron said, Fitz still has the heart to follow Stefanie at this time. More or less it proves that this person is a little unreasonable. More importantly, Charlie involuntarily thought about Stefanie and Fitz being together. Although it was just a hypothesis, it still made him feel bad.

Charlie Wade this moment really understood that Stefanie Sun has occupied a place in his heart.

Isaac Cameron, seeing Charlie has not spoken, could not help but mention the thought: “Master, this thing, you should definitely pay attention to it. You can not let this bastard succeed in this.”

Charlie was silent for a moment, and said: “So, I don’t care about everything else. You must not sell the advertising resources in your hands to him. No matter how much he offers.”

Isaac Cameron heard this and said with a pleasant surprise: “As long as you say, I will never sell any spaces to Fitz.”
“Good.” Charlie said with satisfaction, he then said, “You Help me find out what other tricks Fitz is up to and tell me as soon as you find it.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “Oh yes, master, there is one more thing, I haven’t had time to report to you.

“Tell me.”

“Master, this Fitz has a group company that specializes in cosmetics. This company also has many well-known cosmetics brands. This time he has reached a cooperation with Miss Sun. The cosmetics company was named Miss Sun’s concert tour sponsorship. It is all for charity. The content of the cooperation he reached with Miss Sun was that every time Miss Sun held a concert, he would donate to a charity organization.

Charlie couldn’t help touching his chin, and said with a serious expression: “This Fitz will really find an entry point, he is not short of money at all, so he does not look at any form of advertising sponsorship at all, but he has moved the people with charity, this kid seems to be a master or otherwise there are experts behind him.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “Master, then you have to think of a countermeasure quickly.”

Charlie said: “I see, monitor Fitz, if he does anything, tell me immediately.

“Yes, young master.”

At this moment, Zayne came to Lord Banks’s study early in the morning and reported to him: “Dad, our shipping license has been revoked.

“What?” When Lord Banks heard this, he immediately blurted out: “What’s going on? “How can the qualification certificate be revoked?”

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