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Chapter 2550

Since it is dedicated to the beloved, naturally it takes a little more thought. Therefore, although there is still a period of time before the performance, the preliminary work team has arrived in Aurous Hill and began to make very detailed preparations for the scene. Stefanie herself is a top singer and actress in the country, so the overall specifications of her concerts have always been very high. This time the concert, because of Charlie’s sake, the specifications were especially surprisingly high.

The first is the venue, the largest Olympic Center in Aurous Hill has been opened, which can accommodate more than 50,000 people; the second is the stage hardware, which uses all the world’s top equipment, lighting, sound, stage and background; other than that In addition, the chief director, tuner, lighting engineer, and dancer team are all the largest production teams in Europe and America.

After all, Europe and the United States have more experience in concerts, and these teams have even managed super-large concerts with more than 100,000 in their audiences. In fact, from the financial point of view, it is basically not profitable to hold such a very costly concert, and it may even lose money. But Stefanie didn’t care at all. What she was looking forward to was to show her perfect self in front of Charlie.

Because Stefanie’s concert is getting closer, the whole Aurous Hill is excited about it. Charlie also found that there are more and more publicity advertisements about Stefanie in the surrounding area. The background advertisements of bus stations, the electronic streaming media advertisements in elevators, the giant billboards on the roadside and the display spaces on the floors of high-rise buildings are almost all Stefanie’s promotional materials for the concert.

This made Charlie wonder: “Hasn’t the tickets for the concert been sold long ago? What is the point of investing in such a big publicity at this time?”

What he didn’t know was that Fitz did all these publicity campaigns without exception.
Fitz is now thinking about how to use the opportunity of the concert to get closer to Stefanie.

Therefore, he decided to spend tens of millions in Aurous Hill advertising space, and replace it with Stefanie’s concert promotional materials to help Stefanie make the concert’s momentum strong enough, so that when Stefanie comes to Aurous Hill it will really make an impact.

The next day, when Charlie had breakfast and sent his wife Claire out of the house, he received a call from Isaac Cameron, and Isaac Cameron reported: “Master, there is something, I have to report to you. ”

Charlie asked him: “What’s the matter?”

Isaac Cameron said: “Miss Sun’s agent has already booked the presidential suite with me for a week before and after the concert. Early this morning, Fitz Banks suddenly ran over and wanted to buy all the advertising spaces in the hotel that week, even the right to use the LED giant screen of the building directly opposite the presidential suite terrace. He also bought it.”

Charlie heard this. Surprisingly asked: “What is Fitz doing? Wouldn’t he just want to advertise to find his mother and his sister?”

“No!” Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “This guy wants to be on these advertising spots and the giant LED screen to show the promotional posters of Miss Sun’s concert!”

Charlie frowned and couldn’t help but smack his lips: “This Fitz is really interesting. At this time, he doesn’t find a way to find his mother and his sister. Instead, he’s paying for this promotion. Such a big thought.”

Isaac Cameron blurted out: “Master, I think this guy Fitz must want to pursue Miss Sun!”

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled: “He has been so obvious.”

Isaac Cameron said anxiously: “Master, you must take it seriously!”

Charlie couldn’t help but said a little embarrassingly: “How can I take this kind of thing seriously? …..”

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