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Chapter 2546

Lord Banks continued to explain: “Anyone who has studied history knows that in 37 years, we have experienced a huge ordeal in China. At that time, many top metaphysical families had calculated the disaster that was going to happen. Many of them fled overseas ahead of time. Those who did not escape were either those masters who worked for the country and the people, or those who had insufficient abilities and limited skills, and could not calculate the two swords of disaster. The top masters who stayed devoted their efforts to the country, in addition to the Eight-Year War, there were deaths and injuries. A large number of domestic metaphysical masters withered. The overseas group survived intact.”

Donald Webb couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Banks, there is still something unclear underneath . Why did these escaped metaphysical masters go to the United States?”

Lord Banks smiled: “Recall. Let’s take a look at the history of World War II that you learned in junior high school. At that time, the whole world was wiped out. Europe, known as the birthplace of modern civilization, was also turned into a puddle of mud. Even Britain was blown to ruins, not to mention the European continent. Looking at the whole world, there was only the United States that year. Except for a small attack on Pearl Harbor, the mainland was almost out of war. The true masters of metaphysics had long been in the United States for peace, so almost all of them fled with their families and went to the United States, while World War II was raging, these masters stayed safe in the United States.” Lord Banks then offered, “If you need it, I can help you find a top metaphysics from the United States. Let him take a look at your son’s situation.”

Donald Webb asked a little excitedly: “Mr. Banks, is what you said true?”

“Of course!” Lord Banks smiled and said seriously: “Since we are all If you are interested in getting together to do something big, then I must show something, so I will arrange for someone to contact me and let the master fly over as soon as possible. If the speed is fast, the master may be here tomorrow night. ”

Although Donald Webb didn’t dare to betray Charlie, he couldn’t help but get excited when he thought that the master of metaphysics that Lord Banks had found might really be able to heal his son. This also made him feel the feeling of having the best of both worlds. If he could cleverly mediate between Charlie and Banks’ family, wouldn’t he be able to please both sides and obtain benefits from both sides?

Thinking of this, Donald Webb hurriedly stood up, clasped his fists in his hands, bowed and said, “Thank you Mr. Banks! If you need me in the future, just give me a call!”

Lord Banks waved his hand and said casually: “Donald, between you and me, you don’t have to be polite.” After that, he looked at Zayne and told him: “Zayne, you go back to talk with Mr. Mai in Los Angeles, it’s better to invite Mr. Mai himself out of the mountains on a trip to Southaven.”

Zayne nodded, busy: “I know dad, now estimated time in Los Angeles is before dawn, I’ll wait for twelve hours and then get in touch.”

Lord Banks smiled slightly, and said with emotion: “I haven’t seen Mr. Mai in years, this time if Mr. Mai is willing to show his face and come here in person, I will also ask him to do the calculations for me. Recently, things in the Banks Family are not going well. After encountering various blows one after another, it might have a lot to do with Feng Shui luck!

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