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Chapter 2543

Isaac Cameron’s words made Charlie a little hesitant. Whether he wants to see Zara and Deana, he hasn’t decided yet. The main reason is that he didn’t understand what mentality he should use to face an enemy’s daughter and a woman who has loved his father for many years. But he knew it in his heart. Things have reached the point where they are today. Sooner or later, I still have to meet with them. Therefore, he has not yet determined whether it is the right time to meet with them right now.

At this time, Isaac Cameron saw Charlie’s hesitation, and hurriedly persuaded him : “Master, to be honest, since they will see you sooner or later, it is better to see you sooner.” He said, “Look, now Miss Banks It’s almost equivalent to being put under house arrest by us. If you don’t meet her, I’m afraid she will still be uncomfortable. This is also a torture for her. You might as well meet her and make her feel at ease. I can stay here.”

Charlie said lightly: “I definitely want to see them, but it’s not the time yet.”

Isaac Cameron asked hurriedly, “Master, are you waiting for an opportunity?

“Opportunity?” Charlie shook his head: “I’m waiting for Zayne.”

Isaac Cameron exclaimed: “Master, you…you want to wait for Zayne?”

“Yes.” Charlie said coldly: “I’ll wait for him to come to Aurous Hill. If he doesn’t come, I will personally bring him over!”

“The day Zayne came to Aurous Hill, I would naturally take him to meet with Zara and Deana!” Speaking of this, Charlie stood up and said blankly: “After Zayne comes to Aurous Hill, I will personally take him to my parents’ grave and make him bow down! If he is not directly related to the death of my parents, let him give my parents a bow; If he is directly related to the death of my parents, I will let him be in front of my parents’ grave ‘a life for a life’!”

At half past six in the evening, Donald Webb drove to Banks’ manor. He also came with his eldest son Sean. The father and son arrived in the manor in their cars, and the housekeeper Adrian Peters greeted them in person, and as soon as he met, he said politely: “Mr. Webb, Young Master Webb, our master is already waiting in the banquet hall, please come with me. ”

Donald Webb couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. He didn’t come to have dinner with Lord Banks this time. He came to Lord Banks as an undercover agent at Charlie’s request. He could not afford to provoke Charlie. Let alone Charlie’s background, Charlie’s ability alone is far from what he dared to offend. Killing the eight heavenly kings of the Webb family by himself really angered him, and maybe he could wipe out the Webb family all by himself. But here He can’t afford to offend Lord Banks at all. Who is Lord Banks? The person in charge of the first family in the country is simply the strongest person in the financial field. If he provokes him, he may not end well. Therefore, Donald Webb’s inner talent It is inevitable to be nervous and scared. But he also knows in his heart that no matter what, Charlie is the one he wants to offend least. Since Charlie allows himself to be an undercover, he can only bite the bullet.

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