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Chapter 2542

He thought it was impossible for his grandfather to allow him to pursue Stefanie, but he did not expect that he would support himself so much. This instantly increased his confidence in pursuing Stefanie countless times.

So, he immediately said: “Grandpa, in that case, I will go to Aurous Hill now to see if I can bring out the black hands behind the scenes by preparing for the concert!”

Lord Banks nodded in satisfaction and smiled: “I sent someone to invite the Patriarch of the Southaven First Family, Donald Webb from the Webb Family. I guess he should be here in a while. Don’t leave in a hurry. It’s not too late to leave after dinner.


At this moment, Aurous Hill Shangri-La. Zara was bored in the hotel room for a day, feeling anxious and impatient.

At six o’clock, Isaac Cameron’s men knocked on the door on time, and two female bodyguards walked in with a food delivery truck. One of them respectfully said: “Miss Banks, Ms. Thorne, dinner is ready, please take a step in the restaurant.”

Zara couldn’t help asking: “When on earth your master would like to see me? I have been waiting all day…”

The female bodyguard said very politely: “I’m sorry Miss, our young master didn’t come here today.”

Zara asked, “Did he say when he would come?”

The female bodyguard shook her head: “Master never said it.”

Zara didn’t give up and asked again. “Then, can I ask you to call your young master, just say I want to talk to him.”

The female bodyguard smiled slightly: “You can tell I am not qualified to talk to the young master directly, so states that I don’t have the contact information of the young master.”

This…” Zara’s eyes were flushed red and choked: “Then what does your young master mean?” It took so much time to save us and settle us here, but he has been hiding and not showing up…If he really doesn’t plan to show up, let my mother and I leave here!”

The female bodyguard said apologetically: “Miss Banks, the young master really didn’t mean that my servant dared to speculate. As for what you said to leave here, I can’t do it. The young master has ordered us to make sure you two stay in this suite.”

Zara suddenly overcome with emotion, tears started to flow out.

The female bodyguards Seeing this, apologetically said: “Miss Banks, the food is ready, you help yourself, we will go out first.”

Deana hurriedly stepped forward, holding Zara in her arms and gently comforting her, while saying to the two female bodyguards: “Thank you two!”

The two hurriedly exited the room. As soon as they left the room, the two came to Isaac Cameron’s office. After knocking on the door and entering, facing Isaac Cameron and Charlie sitting on the sofa, they said respectfully: “Master, Mr. Cameron, Miss Banks was a little excited.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Tell me, what exactly is the excitement?”

The female bodyguard relayed the situation that just happened.

Isaac Cameron nodded after listening, and said : “Okay, you have worked hard, go and rest.

The female bodyguard bowed and retired.

At this moment, Isaac Cameron looked at Charlie and couldn’t help asking: “Master, are you really not going to see her?”

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