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Chapter 2533

Donald Webb’s heart was completely moved by Sean’s words. As a father, he felt that his second son Kian was even more pitiful. But as the head of the family, he finally realized that if there is a chance, he can cure any of the two brothers, he has to choose his eldest son Sean, it is a more cost-effective thing.

As Sean said, Kian left an extremely deep impression on the people of the whole country before. This impression can be said to be unforgettable. So, even if you take this opportunity to let Kian return to normal, as long as he appears in the public field of vision, the public will wake up to that part of his unforgettable memories …… after all, he can not heal then go everywhere to explain that he does not eat that stuff up. At this level, Donald Webb also accepted Sean’s proposal.

So, he said: “Sean, we can do this to Charlie’s satisfaction. Then let him heal your leg first. If there is a chance in the future, maybe he can also ask him to give Kian a cure.”

Sean said excitedly, “Yes, Dad! As long as we follow Charlie and do more for Charlie, maybe Charlie will give us a chance to heal Kian.”

Donald Webb nodded and exhorted: “Sean, you must keep this matter secret to everyone, and you must never tell it, otherwise if your brother knows about it, he will definitely hate me.”

Sean hurriedly said: “Dad, don’t worry! I won’t say a word to the outside world!”

Donald Webb sighed, “Hey! If your brother does not have a chance to heal in the future, you should be an older brother and take care of him.”

Sean said firmly: “Dad , don’t worry! In fact, I have already considered it. When we get through this difficult period, and when Kian’s mood stabilizes, we can consider sending him abroad! When he arrives abroad, he can change his identity and start again, so that there will not be so much psychological pressure. It is best to go to a country with relatively few Chinese. This is even better for him. ”

Donald Webb was silent for a moment, and nodded slightly. He also knew that Sean did this to send his younger brother out so that he could dominate the entire Webb family. Although he had some disappointment in his heart, he did not show it. He grew up in the wealthy, so the infighting between the wealthy brothers he understood. Among the giants, brothers rarely have real affection. In contrast, tens of billions or even Hundreds of billions of assets are what they value most. Sean wants to send his younger brother Kian out of the country, not out of concern for his younger brother. He just hopes that the future troubles will be forever gone.

Donald Webb didn’t point it out, but was very emotional. He whispered, “Sean, it’s not easy for your brother. You are a big brother, but you must take care of him a little bit more. If you don’t say anything else, at least you must protect him for the rest of his life.”

When Sean heard this, he knew immediately that his father understood his intention. So he did not hesitate to say: “Dad, don’t worry, I will take care of Kian forever.”

When Donald Webb and his son returned to Southaven, Lord Banks also woke up from sleep. After waking up, he immediately called the housekeeper over and asked about the current progress of the matter.

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