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Chapter 2526

” No. ” Deana said seriously: “If everything is really just a coincidence, most likely only one of these coincidences would happen at a time. For example, if you happen to meet someone who looks like me, sure, people who look alike, this is normal. I chanced upon someone who looks very similar to Bruce Wade. That can also be normal…”

“But…” Deana said, the tone and expression became more serious, and continued: “But, I unexpectedly saw this young man in Aurous Hill. Bruce was killed in Aurous Hill and his son also disappeared in Aurous Hill, so this is the second coincidence. Also! I not only saw him in Aurous Hill, I saw him at the gate of Bruce’s former residence! If he has nothing to do with Bruce, why did he show up there?”

Zara was silent for a moment, nodded, and said seriously: “Mom, I think your analysis makes sense. The young man you saw at the gate of Bruce’s former residence is very likely to be his son. …” At this point, Zara’s conversation turned around and said: “Mom, Bruce’s son, if he had disappeared in Aurous Hill, he would still probably be in Aurous Hill, so the one you saw may indeed be Bruce’s son, but Bruce’s son may not be the benefactor! Do you have any clear evidence of this?”

Deana shook his head and said, “I don’t have any direct evidence, after all, I haven’t seen him yet, the benefactor you mentioned. But since the benefactor arranged us in the hotel of the Wade family, then I believe that he must have a deep relationship with the Wade family.”

Zara fell into thought, then mused out loud: “If it’s really like what you said, Bruce’s son is the benefactor, then he has been in Aurous Hill for so many years, alone and helpless, how can he have such a strength? This…it doesn’t make sense at all! A master like this can’t be cultivated even by a top martial arts family.”

“You see that the Elms family is so powerful, and they cultivated Xion, but Xion’s strength is tens of thousands of miles away from those ninjas who kidnapped me in Japan. Xion is good, but she would barely be able to win against one. Two against her and she will definitely lose …”

Deana smiled slightly: “I can’t say this, but my instinct tells me the benefactor you are looking for is the son of Bruce Wade. ”

Zara sighed, and said: “But I still don’t understand. If he is really Bruce’s son, then he should hate the Banks Family… After all, it was Dad who came forward to form the anti-Wade alliance, the Banks Family has been struggling with the Wade family for so many years, how could he save us? Especially my brother and I. We are both named Banks. To him, we are the children of his enemies…”

Deana shook his head: “I don’t understand these questions, but I believe that we will meet sooner or later to figure it out. After all, this benefactor didn’t save us for no reason. He settled us here, which means he has already maintained a bond with us. I believe it will not be long before he will reveal his face!”

Zara couldn’t help getting a little excited, muttering to herself in a low voice: “He has saved our family so many times. If I can really see him, I will definitely return his kindness!”

Speaking, in her expression, she can’t help showing the kind of shyness and fascination that a girl has for her sweetheart. It’s not to blame her. Any woman who has experienced two life and death junctures and been saved twice by a person is bound to have some similar feelings about them. What’s more, after Zara came back from Japan, she has been obsessed with Charlie. This time, she not only met Charlie, but was also saved by Charlie again. He also rescued her mother, which has completely captured Zara’s proud heart.

Deana looked at her daughter’s eyes and couldn’t help but think of what she saw outside the door of Bruce’s former residence. That young man, when she thinks of him, she can’t help but think of the love of her life, Bruce. For a moment, her eyes suddenly filled with tears, and she sighed in her heart: “Zara, this girl, I am afraid that she has already been moved by the benefactor. If she is looking for Bruce’s son, it is really fate. …..”

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