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Chapter 2518

“The old man does have a set. Obviously he sent me to Australia, and then put me under house arrest in disguise, and now he needs me to go back to help, even said that I am now in Australia to enjoy the good fortune, do I fucking enjoy it in this shabby place?”

Even though he thought so, Zayne immediately followed the old man’s words and said: “Dad, I’m so sorry, I really have taken a break during this period. If you need me to go back and help, then I am waiting for your dispatch at any time.”

Zayne wanted to go back, but he couldn’t immediately state that. So he said if you need me, then I will set off. Even if the old man said something for this purpose, he must put the initiative in the old man’s hands, and say one more word at the end, always waiting for the old man’s dispatch. In this way, on the one hand, I appear to have absolute respect for the old man, on the other hand, I also appear to be humble in front of the old man. In this way, it can also reduce the old man’s defensive heart for himself.

Hearing this, the old man felt refreshed and hurriedly said: “Well, I’ll let the Australian side prepare the plane, and you can get back as soon as possible!”

After that, he added: “Yes, I plan to leave as soon as possible. Go to the southern region to hide from the limelight. Otherwise, the police and Thorne’s family will come to you before dawn. It must be a big trouble then.”

Zayne hurriedly asked, “Dad, you are leaving Eastcliff and plan to go somewhere?”

Lord Banks said: “I plan to go to Southaven, where we have some of our industries and a large manor. I want to go there first and be in quiet, and it is also closer to Aurous Hill, so it is more convenient for me to take command.”

Zayne asked: “Dad, am I flying to Eastcliff or Southaven?”

“Fly to Southaven.” Lord Banks said: “Go directly to the airport by helicopter. You can be there in about three hours in Southaven, I will fly directly to Southaven, I will wait for you there.”

“Okay!” Zayne said immediately: “Then I will prepare for it.”

Lord Banks said, “Zayne, there are some things, dad also has difficulties, you must not blame dad, especially Deana’s affairs, Dad is also helpless to think about the reputation of the Banks Family.”

Zayne said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Dad, I understand you 100%.”

He sighed and said: “You tell me, Deana, this woman, hasn’t forgotten Bruce in her heart for so many years! She and I haven’t divorced yet, so she ran to Aurous Hill to buy the house where Bruce lived. When she was younger, she said it was me who killed him. What she did is to hit the face of the entire Banks Family! Even if you don’t want to solve this trouble, once I go back, I won’t let her go!”

After hearing this, Lord Banks said with satisfaction, “Zayne, I am very pleased with this recognition. You are indeed the son of Banks’ family. In the face of the big right and wrong, you see much more clearly than ordinary people!” Speaking of this, he continued: “The time is running out, you should hurry up and prepare. Let’s talk after you come back.”

“Okay.” Zayne said respectfully: “Dad, you drive overnight, pay more attention to your body!”

“Okay, I see.” Lord Banks responded, thinking of something, and again Said: “By the way, when the video first came out, Fitz came to me to make a fuss, and then he didn’t know where he was going. If he contacted you, remember to apologize for me. His temper is really hot, so don’t let him it to heart.”

Zayne really didn’t expect that the old man would take the initiative to apologize to his son, and hurriedly said: “Dad, Fitz is the oldest and the problem is that he is not mature enough and has not encounter many things. It is easy to be stunned by information from the outside world, so that you can’t see the essence of the matter. After I go back, I must bring him to you. Bow your head and admit your mistake!”

Lord Banks was very satisfied with Zayne’s remarks, and said: “If so, then I can rest assured, you hurry back, I will wait for you in Southaven!”

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