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Chapter 2508

The butler couldn’t help sighing: “Hey! Lord Banks, I didn’t expect that John Garrett would take people to Aurous Hill to do this thing personally. There is also James, I really can’t imagine that someone in the little Aurous Hill would dare to attack the second son, is he tired of his life?”

Lord Banks roared, “Check it out! You must check it out for me! Find out who is doing it against me! In addition, another 5 billion will be used for crisis public relations. Within 10 minutes, I will remove this video from all websites and apps. At the same time, no media is allowed Publish any opinions on this video!”

The butler said embarrassedly: “Master…other platforms and apps are okay, but TikTok, that is owned by the Wade family… ”

What the hell?!” Lord Banks’s eyes widened, and he blurted out: “This TikTok belongs to the Wade family? When did the Wade family start to enter the Internet industry?”

The butler said: “In fact, the Wade family has been around for several years.” They bought TikTok a month ago. At that time, it seemed to have spent more than 80 billion. However, I don’t know what the purpose of Wade’s purchase of this platform was. Moreover, this kind of platform. Although it is very popular, it is because it is basically free for users, the profitability is relatively narrow. In addition to advertising, it is to let a group of Internet celebrities engage in live broadcast sales, and then the platform will take a profit from it. , The profit margin is much lower than the industry we are usually engaged in.”

Lord Banks said desperately: “What is the Wade family’s doing? Why would they buy this platform if it is not profitable?! What a fucking evil! ”

The Banks Family and the Wade family are both top big families with a century-old history.
such big families, like the Rothschild family, generally operate in traditional industries. For example, the energy industry, financial industry, manufacturing industry, real estate industry and ocean shipping industry. But the established family basically does not touch the Internet industry. This is not to say that they are not interested in the Internet industry, but because they have been working in traditional industries for many years, all their advantages, contacts, and resources are concentrated in traditional industries. Moreover, the way of thinking of this kind of people is relatively conservative, so they generally do not take the initiative to do the Internet.

This is why the Internet giants all over the world are basically emerging rich. It is rare to hear of a top family with a century-old history that has created outstanding achievements in the Internet industry. The Banks Family is naturally the same. Lord Banks has basically no access to the Internet, so the Banks Family hardly does business on the Internet. Therefore, he basically doesn’t know much about social media platforms. He only knows that it is a leisure and entertainment platform that some young people prefer.

In his impression, the Wade family seemed to be no different from the Banks Family. But he really didn’t know that the Wade family actually bought TikTok. If TikTok belongs to the Wade family, then the possibility of wanting the Wade family to not publicize this video is almost zero.

But Lord Banks was unwilling to give up. He knows that the most important thing for him now is to delete this video quickly so that others can no longer watch it, and completely interrupt its spread. So if you want to achieve this goal, you can only ask the Wade Family for help.

So he covered his chest and said with difficulty: “Go and get my phone, I want to call Lord Wade!”

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