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Chapter 2507

Because Lord Banks was so angry, he couldnt keep his breath and he fell to one side in a daze.

The housekeeper hurriedly stepped forward and held him up, and said, “Master, how are you doing? Are you okay?”

Lord Banks was so angry that he couldn’t even speak, and the housekeeper saw him in this state. Out of the intercom, he shouted: “The doctor, the master is not feeling well now, come here!”

Lord Banks breathed quickly , and said with difficulty: “Hurry…hurry up and help me sit on the sofa. …..” The butler hurriedly helped him, and carefully helped him to the sofa. At this time, the family doctor also rushed over, holding an oxygen bag and quick-acting stress pill in his hand. The doctor and the housekeeper together, after Lord Banks took the stress Pills, he inhaled oxygen again, which made his condition a little better.

Lord Banks was full of anger at this time. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth and cursed: “This is because someone deliberately tried to destroy the Banks Family! Someone deliberately wants me dead!”

The housekeeper hurriedly said: “Master , Don’t worry about it, your body is the most important thing anyway, but don’t get angry…”

Lord Banks said in anguish: “I’m over, I’m over! This video, Not only did he announce the affairs of Xion and Deana, but he also held the black pot of Zara on me. Moreover, Tate Landry’s account of tying explosives and rushing into the treasure pavilion to hold hostages was also counted on my head, this is… This is to make me a public enemy of the whole people!”

Thinking of this, Lord Banks was desperate! he knows too well the Chinese people’s hatred and hatred quality and character. Those stars in the entertainment industry who have all kinds of bad deeds are shunned by the whole country. What more is going to happen to him? What if you have money? ? In front of the people, the richer you are, the less you can be arrogant and do whatever you want! Although the Banks Family was rich and powerful, they only dared to operate many dirty things behind the scenes, and never dared to get it to the face.

Sometimes people catch some clues accidentally by the people, and a lot of money and energy must be spent on crisis public relations. Just as many people on the Internet previously suspected that Lord Banks wanted to kill Deana, Lord Banks smashed hundreds of millions in a day for his own image, and washed the whole network. The reason is also the fear of exposing oneself, provoking criticism from the people across the country. However, Lord Banks couldn’t even imagine that the situation he thought he had controlled would collapse completely in an instant!

The impact of this video right now is like a huge tsunami rushing toward the face. In the face of catastrophes like the tsunami, mankind has no chance of escape at all. The public opinion was extremely angry, leaving him no room for reversal at all. Lord Banks said to himself in pain: “All my previous efforts, all public relations, all of a sudden, all of them were in vain…”

Speaking of this, he continued angrily: “Not only in vain, but on the contrary. It also had the opposite effect! I had known that it would be the situation today, I would not choose to start with Deana in Aurous Hill… That was lifting a rock and hitting myself in the foot. I raised the machete. I cut off my hand…”

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