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Chapter 2505

At this moment, the whole internet is sympathetic to the Banks Family’s experience, and at the same time, we can’t wait to find out the behind-the-scenes as soon as possible, so that the whole case can be revealed. However, at the moment, neither the Banks Family, the police, nor the majority of people can find any really valuable clues. Therefore, as long as any so-called clues are released on the Internet, countless people will immediately watch.

After the video of Charlie was sent out, because the title mentioned the big secret, it immediately attracted many users to click. It doesn’t matter if you look at it, the entire video is clearly and intuitively displayed in front of the audience. In the beginning, it was the scene of a tragic car accident. Tate Landry died, Deana and Zara were seriously injured, and their lives were unclear. Immediately afterwards, John Garrett introduced himself to the camera. He said the shocking secret that shocked everyone!

It turned out that the reason why Deana and Zara were kidnapped by Tate Landry was not accidental at all. All of this was instructed by Lord Banks, the old man of the Banks Family! The reason is that he was very dissatisfied with Deana’s divorce from his son, and was even more angry about her coming to Aurous Hill to participate in the auction. He even killed his granddaughter! Seeing this, the people couldn’t help but have a strong sense of disgust towards Lord Banks.

At this time, Charlie with his voice changed asked a question in the video. Charlie asked him why Lord Banks, an old dog, had created such a terrible incident for the little trouble in his family. At this time, everyone remembered that Tate Landry tied up explosives, rushed into the treasure pavilion, and shot several hostages. He was completely instigated by Lord Banks! Not only were several innocent hostages killed in vain because of Lord Banks’s conspiracy. More importantly, the safety of hundreds of people was threatened by Tate Landry’s explosives! It Almost almost led to an extremely tragic event!

And behind this, it turned out to be Lord Banks’s idea! Immediately afterwards, everyone saw James’s video again. James, who was embarrassed, confessed to the camera that the old dog Lord Banks not only killed Deana and Zara, but also Xion before them. She was also the cause of Lord Banks! What’s even more outrageous is that Lord Banks, an old dog, has harmed his granddaughter and pushed Zayne out of the family. He is simply inhumane! In an instant, all the people who saw this video were irritated by Lord Banks’s shameless behavior. These people suddenly became part of the fission propaganda and forwarded this explosive video to all their relatives and friends around them. In an instant, the traffic of this video skyrocketed! In just 10 minutes, tens of millions of people have watched this video. The trend of public opinion on the Internet immediately changed 360 degrees.

People used all the vicious words they could think of on the Internet to curse the old dog Lord Banks. The police were distressed because they couldn’t find any relevant clues. After they discovered this video, they were immediately angry. Just an hour ago, the public relations director of the Banks Group made a special call, urging the police to solve the case as soon as possible, give the Banks Family an explanation, and rescue the three missing Banks Family as soon as possible.

The police also felt the pressure, because after all, the Banks Family is the most powerful family in the country. As a result, it was unexpected that three members of the family disappeared in Aurous Hill one after another. The pressure on the Aurous Hill police was comparable to that of Tokyo during the turmoil in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. But they couldn’t think of it, just when they tried their best to solve the case, suddenly such a video broke out!

It turns out that this whole thing is just a case where the the Banks Family is shouting to catch the criminal but they are the culprit! The Banks kept saying that the police should solve the case as soon as possible, so as to give them an explanation. In fact, they were behind the scenes behind all these bloody crimes! Aurous Hill Police immediately reported the situation to the higher authorities and required the higher authorities to severely investigate and deal with it.

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