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Chapter 2503

Lord Wade at this time has no extra energy to take care of Cynthia.

Now he is extremely excited, and there is only one thought in his mind: “The Banks Family has suffered heavy blows one after another, and the opportunity for the Wade family to surpass the Banks Family is near!”

At this point, he immediately said to Stephen Thompson: “We must closely follow the movements of the entire Banks Family, and at the same time, secretly send more manpower to Aurous Hill, just in case, if they find Charlie, we must not stand by and watch!”

Stephen Thompson immediately said, “Yes master, I will arrange it!” After speaking, Stephen Thompson said again: “Master, or I can go there in person!”

Lord Wade said seriously: “You still don’t need to go, your identity is more sensitive, if you go to Aurous Hill at this time, The Banks Family will think that this matter has something to do with us, so you just stand still in Eastcliff, join me, and watch the changes.”

“Yes!” Stephen Thompson hurriedly agreed and said, “Master, what else do you have for me?”

Lord Wade asked: “You will inform others now. I will have a meeting in 20 minutes. In addition, if there is any movement in Aurous Hill, you must report to me immediately!”

“Yes master!”

Lord Wade hung up the phone. Cynthia, still on the call spoke up and said: “Dad…what should I do…”

Lord Wade realized that the video call with Cynthia had not been hung up, so he said: “Aren’t you able to handle this? Just call Steven and ask him to arrange a plane to pick you up.”

After that, Lord Wade remembered something and blurted out: “By the way, Charlie let the people under him release you, right? Then you didn’t see him in person?”

“No…” Cynthia said angrily.

Lord Wade gave a hum, and said, “You can call Charlie and tell him that you are leaving. You can also call him to apologize for the offense before.”

Cynthia was dumbfounded: “What?! Dad! He treated me so badly, you want me to apologize to him? He detained me in Aurous Hill for weeks! How was I causing him trouble?!”

Lord Wade said coldly: “Your character really needs to be changed. When you go to Aurous Hill this time, there are problems with many things. It is only reasonable that you apologize to Charlie. The impression left behind is very bad. This may cause a big obstacle to his return to our Wade family in the future. If you don’t want to let go of this and you want to damage our relations with Charlie then I will not forgive you! ”

Cynthia almost collapsed. But when she heard Lord Wade’s tone just now, she knew that if she didn’t do it, the old man would definitely not forgive her. So she could only say angrily: “Okay… I’ll call him…”

“Good.” Lord Wade nodded in satisfaction, and said: “I am ready to go to the meeting. Good day.”

After speaking, the old man hung up the video. While wiping away her tears, Cynthia went to find Charlie’s mobile phone number and called him. At this moment, Charlie was editing the video, and Cynthia’s phone number suddenly came up. He couldn’t help frowning, hesitated for a moment, then answered the phone.

“Hello. ”

Cynthia was even more angry when he heard Charlie’s cold voice, but she didn’t dare to say anything cross, so she could only smile and say, “Charlie, it’s your aunt…”

Charlie Asked coldly: “What’s the matter?”

Cynthia hurriedly said: “I called to apologize to you… I came to Aurous Hill because I didn’t know how to deal with things. It caused you a lot of trouble and made you angry. I hope you can forgive me this time.” After that, she said: “Also, I am going back to Eastcliff tonight. My stay here has really caused you trouble.”

Charlie didn’t expect that his aunt would call and apologize to him. Moreover, it was after she had recovered her freedom. It stands to reason that his aunt is unlikely to really know her mistake and repent.

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