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Chapter 2499

James did not expect that Charlie would be interested in matters of his private life. He comes from a large family and pays great attention to privacy in his private life, so when Charlie asked about this, he was a little nervous subconsciously, and he didn’t dare to respond.

Charlie couldn’t help frowning and asked him: “Why? Don’t you want to say it?”

Seeing Charlie’s dissatisfaction, James hurriedly shook his head and said: “No, no, I am willing to say, I am willing to say…”

Then, he said: “That woman is…Megan Endris…”

“Megan Endris?” Charlie asked in surprise: “Is that Megan Endris, who is known as the jade girl in film and television circles? ? ” ”

Yes …… “James nervous nodded: “she is …… ”

Charlie can not help but exclaimed:” Oh, I really did not think that Megan Endris turns out to be your lover… My wife still loves her very much. She has always said that she is one of the benchmarks in the entertainment industry, saying that she is very clean and self-conscious, never gossips, and even never takes kiss scenes with other male stars? It seems that most of the people in this circle also have another side that is unknown.”

James nodded awkwardly, and said: “She… .. She doesn’t do kiss scenes because I don’t let her… I told her before that she must never have close contact with other men, even acting…”

Charlie smacked Said: “Tsk tsk…If the people of the country knew that this goddess in their eyes was being taken by your ugly, old and fat middle-aged fat pig at night, who knows how sad it would be. ”

James’s expression was very depressed, and his face was red and black. It was obvious that Charlie’s words hurt his self-esteem. However, even if his self-esteem was hurt, he dared not say anything in front of Charlie, so he could only nod in embarrassment and echoed: “Yes, yes, what Mr. Wade said is…”

Charlie sneered. With a cry, I asked him: “Is this Megan Endris always in Aurous Hill, or is she coming from other places to meet you?”

James hurriedly said: “She came from somewhere else…Actually, she was filming recently. My father suddenly asked me to come to Aurous Hill, so I asked her to come and accompany me… …”

Charlie said with a smile: “Seeing that you are quite old, I didn’t expect you have a lot of energy.”

James said embarrassedly: “No no…nothing will do if you are older.. …”

Charlie smiled and said lightly: “Okay, it’s too early, you can rest here, you will not have the kind of female celebrity like Megan Endris in the future, so you must adapt as soon as possible to life on the kennel. When the time is right, I will send your father over, so that father and son will be reunited.” J

ames lowered his head deeply and did not dare to answer.

Charlie looked at Steve next door and said lightly: “Take good care of your son here.”

Steve had no choice but to nod again and again: “I know Mr. Wade…”

Charlie didn’t say more, but looked at Isaac Cameron and said: “Send me back.”

“Yes young master!”

Don Albert sent Charlie and Isaac Cameron out of the kennel, taking advantage of being alone, he said to Charlie: “Master, your aunt’s time is up tonight, do you think you should let her go?”

Charlie frowned: “It’s time?”

“It is.” Don Albert hurriedly said: “Your aunt performed well this time, no noise or noisy trouble. ”

“Ah.” Charlie nodded and said:” let her go quickly, have your man let her know if she wants to leave at any time. ”

Don Albert quickly said: “Yes Young master, I’ll call to make arrangements!”

Charlie patted him on the shoulder, and exhorted: “The dog farm is very important, so you must show it to me. Don’t let anyone come and approach the kennel, and you must prevent your people from leaking secrets to the outside world!

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