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Chapter 2497

Steve naturally didn’t dare to be negligent, so he could only hug this flower tightly in his arms.

At this time, Don Albert pointed to the entrance of the dog cage and said to Steve: “Next, Mr. Steve will be invited to send flowers to his dog son Walter! Everyone applaud!”

All of his people immediately clapped enthusiastically and cheered. Steve’s expression was extremely ugly, but he dared not say a word of dissatisfaction.

Seeing that he was still not moving, Don Albert couldn’t help cursing: “What are you standing still like that for? Do you want me to put you in another bed next to your son’s bed?”

Steve frightened, he hurriedly hugged the flowers and walked into the entrance of the iron cage with difficulty. Steve, who only wore a pair of pants, was already frozen like a popsicle at this moment, so he walked up like a zombie with limited mobility. He moved onto the red carpet, hobbled to Walter bedside when Don Albert stepped forward, spoke and said: “! Next, Mr. Steve gives to his son Walter the flowers”

After he said that He explained to Steve: “Don’t let go when you are offering flowers. You two should hold the flowers at the same time and face the brother with the camera on our side. Let them take a photo of both of you. It’s such a ceremony. How can you not record this feeling of emotion?”

Steve’s desire to die is strong, and his son is lying on the bed like this. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, but now he can only play this extremely insulting game with him. At this time Walter is even more pained in his heart. If he had known that things would develop into this today, he would not dare to think anything about Doris Young. But now it’s too late to say anything. Steve had no choice but to hand the flowers to his son, while his hand was still holding the other side of the flowers. The father and son looked at the camera together. Several younger men held hand-drawn fireworks, lighting and crackling, the colorful sequins fell one after another, and the father and son were covered with colorful light. At this time, the flash clicked, and a photo full of black humor was taken.

Don Albert said loudly at this time: “The welcome ceremony of Mr. Steve and his son’s reunion is about to come to an end here. Everyone applaud!”

All the people applauded, and Don Albert asked Charlie with a smile: “Master Wade, are you satisfied?”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “It’s a good job. It’s interesting.”

Don Albert hurriedly clasped his fists and said respectfully: “Thank you, Master, for your praise. Now, I must be more solemn!”

Charlie looked at James who was frightened to the side again, and asked: “Mr. Banks, do you think our hospitality is quite generous?”

James was frightened. His face was pale, and he wailed in his heart: “Who the hell calls this generous? You are a devil!”

But, he didn’t dare to say that, he could only follow Charlie’s meaning, and nod repeatedly. “I pay attention to what Mr. Wade does. It’s really too generous!”

Charlie said, “If your son is in my hands another day, I will definitely give you both of you a ceremony. It must be more grand than this one.”

James said in horror: ” Young Master Wade Wade, my son is an honest child.”

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