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Chapter 2492

The terrified James hurriedly blurted out: “I did, I did it all!”

Charlie nodded and turned on the mobile video recording function. When James saw that he was going to record a video, he hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, what do you want to know, I’m all for being honest, but can you please stop recording the video?”

Charlie asked him back: “Why? Are you not telling the truth?”

James stammered: “No, no, I’m just a little uncomfortable.”

Charlie glanced at him in disgust, and said coldly, “Nonsense, Don Albert, teach him a lesson!”

Don Albert said nothing, rushed up and kicked James’s fat belly, kicked him to the ground, and then stepped directly on his chest, bent over, and slapped him twice.

James stifled a scream as he took the beating. Tears streamed from his eyes. He had never suffered such a beating in his life. But he knew that there was no point in being aggrieved right now. If he doesn’t cooperate honestly, he is afraid that Charlie will let this Don Albert take off his arms and legs.

At this moment, Xion, who had not spoken, said, “Master Wade, it is too cheap to slap this kind of bastard. As long as you say, I will cut off his arms and see if he talks back. I don’t dare be sloppy with you!”

James frightened blurted out: “No! Don’t! I’ll just say it!”

Charlie said coldly, “If you don’t get to the point, I’ll hand you over to Xion.”

James couldn’t help shivering, and said tremblingly: “Mr. Wade, it is indeed I who told Tate Landry to kill Zara. I asked his subordinates to pay his family 20 million and then let the family inform him that when he kills Deana, take Zara with her.”

Charlie questioned: “Why did you kill Zara? She is your niece, she didn’t provoke you.”

James hurriedly said, “I want to stop the trouble because the old man treats my elder brother very badly. I am also very dissatisfied with Fitz. If Zara is killed, the future Banks Family Patriarch will definitely be me.”

Charlie nodded and asked: “And the one who decided to betray Xion. Who the hell was it?”

James said without hesitation: “It was my father’s idea.”

Charlie asked back: “So, your eldest brother Zayne was actually used as a scapegoat by Lord Banks?”

“Yes” James Honestly said: “If the betrayal of Xion broke out, the people all over the country would be scolding the old man. The old man feels that he can’t be blamed for Xion in his old age, so he dumped it all on my elder brother. And then drove my eldest brother to Australia.”

Charlie nodded, ended the video recording, and said lightly: “If you cooperate, you won’t have to take any more beating, so next time you stay alert and don’t make the same thing happen again.”

James was bitter, his expression was ugly. He asked Charlie, “Mr. Wade, where are you planning to send all the videos just now?”

James couldn’t be more clear about the current situation of the Banks Family. It was because of the disappearance of Deana and Zara that they have been questioned by people across the country. It was hard to find a lot of media experts to come out to portray them as the victims, and forcibly subverting everyone’s cognition. If all the things I just said were exposed, then the Banks Family would be finished.

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