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Chapter 2484

Old Hett hurriedly said : “Master, don’t worry, I will go all out!”

Lord Banks said: “Okay! First investigate clues in Aurous Hill, and I will immediately send someone to support you!”

Hang up the phone, Lord Banks said to Lord Thorne with a guilty expression: “You heard it just now. Now not only Deana and Zara are missing, but James is also missing, you can no longer doubt that I am the cause of this. Deana is my daughter-in-law, Zara is my own granddaughter, and James is my own son. Obviously someone is deliberately targeting our Banks Family!”

Lord Thorne was embarrassed by his original outburst. The motive came, but what happened just now made him involuntarily dispel the suspicion of Lord Banks. When things have reached this point, in his opinion, it is absolutely impossible for Lord Banks to play behind his back. Someone even took his son James. This shows that they are going to fight against the Banks Family.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked: “Lord Banks, are you telling me the truth, have you offended anyone recently? Think about it, who is this capable?”

Lord Banks spread his hand and said: ” You know my character. I don’t usually constrain, so I offend many people. So now you make me think, I can’t figure out who it could be.”

Lord Thorne couldn’t help sighing, he knew very well in his heart. Lord Banks was telling the truth. Since the Banks family surpassed the Wade family and became the first family of China, Lord Banks has always regarded himself as the leader of the business community. He is usually arrogant. He is unconcerned about who he offends.

Thinking of this, he said sternly: “Lord Banks, what happened just now was that I was rash. The top priority now is to quickly find out all three of them. I sent two of my people to Aurous Hill two hours ago. I think it’s better for our two families to investigate together, what do you think?”

Seeing that he had temporarily resolved Lord Thorne’s suspicion, Mr. Banks was slightly relieved and said: “Oh, Lord Thorne, it would be great if you would be willing to investigate with me! I’m afraid you misunderstand me. I was grieved. I didn’t expect that you would still be willing to join hands with me. I am touched by this kindness!”

Lord Thorne said a little apologetically, “I just said something inappropriate because I was impatient. Don’t mind too much.”

Lord Banks said immediately ashamed: “How could it be! You handed Deana to our Banks Family, and we failed to protect her. This is the Banks Family’s responsibility, even if you beat me, that’s what I deserve.”

He sighed and waved his hand: “Hey, let’s not talk about this! The top priority now is that we have to send more people to Aurous Hill quickly, even if Aurous Hill is turned over. We must rescue them all!”

Lord Thorne nodded and said, “In this case, Dalton and I will go back and sort out all the resources and contacts, and transfer all the personnel who can be deployed as soon as possible to Aurous Hill!”

“Okay!” Lord Banks also deliberately pretended to be excited, and said: “In this case, then I will immediately mobilize all the people who can mobilize, all of them!”

Lord Thorne hummed, said: “Then we will leave first !”

Lord Banks said hurriedly : “I will send you out!”

Lord Thorne said quickly : “You should stay here, we can go out by ourselves.”

Lord Banks pretended to be angry and said: “Lord Thorne, you can’t turn down my hospitality! Come on, I’ll see you off!”

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