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Chapter 2483

Lord Banks couldn’t accept it. His second son had just arrived in Aurous Hill and had not even been able to spend the night in Aurous Hill and he had disappeared. Besides, He knows his strength. Having played for the Banks Family for many years, he is a rare opponent. James was secretly protected, how could he still disappear?

Mr. Hett on the other side of the phone also sighed at this time, and said with shame: “Master, I have been on the same floor with Master James, and I have been guarding against any disturbances, but unexpectedly, he suddenly seemed to have evaporated. Disappeared in his room. This whole thing is so weird that it’s hard to believe it.”

He said, he hurriedly said again: “Yes, not only Master James is missing, but even the new friend of his is also missing.”

Lord Banks hurriedly asked: “A new friend? What kind of new friend?”

Elder Hett hurriedly explained: “It is an American that Master James met at the airport. Their family has something to do with the Rothschild family, and he happened to have something to do with him. He booked the same hotel with Master James, so Master James invited him to stay next door to him .”

Lord Banks blurted out and asked, “Could it be that American has taken him?”

“It’s not like that.” Hett said. “I have observed that American. He is an ordinary middle-aged person. He doesn’t seem to be someone with kung fu or special strength, so it must not be him.”

Lord Banks frowned and said coldly: “This matter is even more weird. It is already very difficult to let one person disappear silently under your nose, let alone get two people away at the same time?!”

Old Hett hurriedly said, “Yes, sir. I suspect that the other party must be a master of masters!”

Lord Banks said nervously: “How can such a powerful person exist in such a small place as Aurous Hill? You have been among martial artists for so many years. Have you heard that Aurous Hill has had any masters appear?”

“Never.” Elder Hett said truthfully: “Master, frankly speaking, Aurous Hill doesn’t even have a martial arts family that can be said to have a little bit of fame.”

“That’s even more weird .” The Lord Banks felt a panic in his heart, and he endured it. He couldn’t help rubbing his temples, and said, “Aurous Hill is a place that is really strange. Deana and Zara are still missing, and James suddenly disappeared after being guarded. It feels like there is a curse in this place.”

Elder Hett hurriedly said: “Master, strange things are not only that, the American that Master James met today came to Aurous Hill also to find his son. It is said that his son disappeared with a dozen of his subordinates some time ago and could not find any information or clues.”

When he heard this Lord Banks felt a chill down his back. He really didn’t understand what kind of strong man was hiding from him. With this ability to cover the sky with one hand, that person must be extraordinary!

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