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Chapter 2481

“Kidnapped?!” The old master’s face twitched. What he fears most is that James is kidnapped. So, he couldn’t help but secretly think in his heart: “How do I say I am one of the top masters of the Banks Family. I have personally come to Aurous Hill to protect the second son. If he is really kidnapped silently under my nose, then where do I put my old face? How can I explain to the master when I go back?”

Immediately, he thought of Steve who lives next to James, as if grasping at straws, and blurted out: “Is the boss chatting with that American next door?!”

The assistants with him are waiting for a miracle, and after seeing that James can not be found they are panicking, hearing this, they at once brighten up and blurt out: “it is possible! We must go see!”

After speaking, they immediately turned around and ran out. Others hurriedly followed. But when they rang the doorbell in the next room, there was still no response. The people who were still holding a glimmer of hope soon lost all their hope. Everyone looked at the Old Master, Master Hett, waiting for him to give an idea. He always has a calm and unpredictable look on his face. With a dark face, he kicked the door of Steve’s room with a kick, and rushed in again with everyone. It turned out that Steve, like James, had evaporated from the world

Like a dog, he smelled here, looked there, and touched everywhere. After a long time, he didn’t find any valuable clues, and he was so flustered that at the end of the search, his hands trembled uncontrollably. Finally, he sat down on the ground and said with a gray face: “Hurry up and call the master to report!”

A few minutes ago, Lord Banks just lay down. What happened in Aurous Hill made him sleepless. In particular, the whereabouts of Deana and Zara being unaccounted for, made him always worried about the incident. Moreover, he was indeed a little worried about his eldest granddaughter, Zara, after all, she was his favorite since childhood, and he really loved her very much. However, as the Banks Family gradually took control of public opinion, his inner worries eased a lot.

Although he was still a little worried about Zara, he later thought about it carefully. Zara and Deana got into the car together, had a car accident together, and disappeared together. If he hoped that Deana would die, Zara would certainly not escape death. If you hope that Zara will survive, then Deana will survive.

Therefore, he later turned his mind and thought to himself: “The most worry-free result is that the two of you should die together. Otherwise, if only Zara is alive, then based on her character, she will definitely do everything possible to investigate the whole incident, and she might turn her back on him, so it was best to just follow the thought that they were both dead.”

He was somewhat relieved to understand this. Now to just wait for James to report back as soon as possible the news of the death of them. At this moment , the butler knocked on the door to announce: “Master, the Thorne Family is here.”

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