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Chapter 2477

The moment Charlie revealed his identity, James reacted as if he was struck by lightning!

He looked at Charlie dumbfounded, and blurted out in a panic: “You… are you really Bruce’s son?”

After saying this, he muttered to himself before Charlie could answer. “If you look like this, you can’t be wrong…”

Then, he hurriedly said: “Charlie, I have some friendship with your dad. It stands to reason that you should call me uncle..”

Charlie said disdainfully: “Let me call you uncle? Are you worthy?”

James said hurriedly: “I know, you certainly don’t have a good impression of the Banks Family, but we Banks and Wade family have long had an agreement on non-interference and non-confrontation. For more than ten or twenty decades, we have been following the tenet of not violating the river and developing our own economy. You…you cannot break this agreement.”

Charlie snorted coldly: ” The agreement between you and the Wade family is a matter between you and has nothing to do with me.”

James said in a panic: “You…your surname is Wade… .. You have to abide by the agreement between the Wade Family and us!”

Charlie sneered: “I don’t recognize any agreement between you and the Wade Family. I only recognize one thing.”


Charlie said word by word: “My parents death must be avenged!”

James became more panicked, blurting out: “But the death of your parents has nothing to do with our Banks Family!”

Charlie said coldly. : “Your Banks Family took the lead in forming an anti-leaf alliance. Just this alone will cost you!”

James quickly explained: “Charlie…When your father’s accident happened, I hadn’t started taking over the Banks Family affairs specifically, and the Anti-Leaf Alliance had nothing to do with me…”

Charlie stood up, grabbing James’s bathrobe collar, and sternly said: “If it matters, it’s not that you have the final say, but I have the final say!” he smiled lightly and said: “Mr. Banks, I will prepare for you in Aurous Hill. I’ve got a good room, now that I’m here, just come with me and enjoy it!”

James didn’t know where Charlie would take him, let alone what he planned to do with him. Just by looking at Charlie’s expression, he knew that it was definitely not a good thing, so he sobbed in fright and begged: “Charlie, I really haven’t done anything to hurt your father. The Anti-Leaf Alliance was made by my father and my elder brother. Yes, you have the wrongdoer and the debtor. If you want revenge, you are looking for them…”

Charlie said with a smile: “Your Banks Family is really a fucking raccoon. If something goes wrong, let your family take care of it. ”

After speaking, his tone suddenly improved a bit, and he said sharply: “But don’t worry, your dad and your brother can’t escape, but it’s a matter of time! Please come with me today!”

When the voice fell, Charlie stretched out his hand and slapped his forehead hard. James only felt dizzy in his brain, and he instantly lost consciousness.

Immediately, Charlie asked Xion: “Where is Steve?”

Xion hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Wade, Steve is tied up after being knocked unconscious by me, and he is on the balcony.”

“Good! ” Charlie nodded, and said to Xion: “Xion, you help me deal with the traces and don’t leave any clues.”

Xion said without hesitation: “Good Master Wade, the handling of the scene is One of the things I do best.”

In the past, Xion worked for the Banks Family, and there were often assassinations or kidnappings. Every time Xion was able to clean up all clues without leaving a trace, she was very capable in this regard. Charlie handed the scene to her, and dragged James, who was like a dead pig, to the huge balcony of the presidential suite.

At this time, Steve, who was unconscious, had his hands and feet firmly bound by the sheets, and his body curled up into a spherical shape.

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