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Chapter 2472

The assistant hurriedly and respectfully said: “Boss, the masters sent out has touched all of the Aurous Hill hospitals, but didn’t find the two of them.”

“No?!” James frowned and asked: “Has every hospital been investigated clearly?”

“Yes.” The assistant nodded and said seriously: “Not only the tertiary hospitals, but even the ordinary small clinics have been searched, and they have not been found.” James smacked immediately . “Tsk tsk this is a bit weird! They are not in the hospital, is it that they are dead?” After that, he immediately said, “Go and check the current progress of the police investigation. Is there any breakthrough?”

The assistant said truthfully: “Boss, I have already inquired about the situation on the police side. They don’t have any clues. They are now monitoring the bullet shells collected at the tunnel site and want to push the gunner’s clues from the bullets.”

James frowned. Ask him: “Where are Deana and Zara? The police have no clues?”

“No.” The assistant nodded; “The police are just like us, they are all confused now.”

“Damn” James cursed in a low voice. He continued to ask: “Is there any investigation results about that group of mysterious people? The group rushed in from the tunnel entrance, took away Deana and Zara, but also took away John Garrett and the four. 6 people are not easy to handle, even 6 corpses are not so easy to handle! After all, there have to be some clues, right?”

The assistant said, “The police have no clue about this at all.”

James stomped his feet irritably, and cursed: “It’s fucking weird!” After that, he asked, “How is the media team doing now?”

The assistant replied: “The media has basically controlled the situation now. At present, 70 of the discussions on this matter on the Internet are inclined to the Banks Family favor, thinking that the Banks Family is the biggest victim. I believe that as long as we continue to maintain this overwhelming coverage of public opinion, the people of the whole country will believe that we are innocent in a few days.”

James breathed a sigh of relief and said, “This matter is yours. Well done, if the old man is also satisfied, I will definitely give you a bonus for this.”

The assistant immediately bowed and said, “Thank you, boss!”

James gave a hmm and ordered: “There is one more thing, you can arrange it for me.”

The assistant hurriedly said, “Boss, please tell me.” James said with a grim expression: “Although Tate Landry’s family didn’t know that I gave them 20 million to let them tell Tate Landry to kill Zara, but once this matter is out and spread to the old man’s ears. Then I will be the biggest suspect, so you send someone to his hometown tonight, set a fire, and destroy all the evidence, understand?”

The assistant Nodded: “Good boss, I understand!” With that said, the assistant received a message, took a quick glance, and reported to James: “Boss, Miss Megan’s plane will land at Aurous Hill Airport, in forty minutes”

After hearing this, James’s eyes flashed with desire, and his heart couldn’t help but ripple.

The Miss Megan the assistant mentioned is Megan Endris, one of the four young talents in today’s entertainment industry.

This Megan Endris is only 26 years old this year. She graduated from film school after four years. She is very beautiful. However, because of her poor acting skills and no background, she has been unknown in the film and television industry for the past two years.

However, since the year before last, Megan Endris has successively obtained the film resources of many top directors, which has put her on a steady pace to soon rank among the A-list actors. Many people speculate that there must be a sugar daddy behind her, but as quickly as the relevant speculation posts are posted, they will are deleted immediately and the sources shut down. The reason is that Megan was taken in by James, who has made her his mistress. Under normal circumstances, as long as James has a chance to leave Eastcliff, Megan will come over to have a night with him, and today is no exception. When James decided to come to Aurous Hill, he asked Megan, who was filming in the South China Sea, to prepare to rush over. So Megan stepped up to finish filming today’s scene, and immediately took a sick leave with the crew, secretly took a private jet, and rushed to Aurous Hill.

When he heard that Megan was about to land, James was a little excited, and said to his assistant: “Okay, you go out, I want to take a bath, and when Miss Megan comes, I will send her directly into the room to see me!”

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