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Chapter 2471

In the evening, when Charlie returned home, the ten masters of the Banks Family, divided into five groups, began to touch every hospital in Aurous Hill. At the same time, James asked Steve to prepare for a sumptuous dinner in the restaurant of his presidential suite.

Although the economic strength of the Hogwitz family is tens of thousands of miles worse than that of the Banks Family, in James’s view, Steve’s mother is a member of the Rothschild family after all, so if there is no relationship with him it would bet a disadvantage.

Steve was naturally too excited. Although his mother was indeed a woman from the Rothschild family, he knew that there were at least a hundred women in the Rothschild family like his mother. And his mother and grandfather’s line is not named in the Rothschild family. He is a relative of the Rothschild family, to put it bluntly he uses it just to gain a reputation. Now that he has the opportunity to make friends with the Banks Family, the top Chinese family, it is naturally a very valuable thing for him. Maybe in the future, he can rely on the Banks Family to quickly lay a foundation in China. Steve was excited at the opportunity to find his son Walter, who had been missing for a long time. He sat up at the wine table with James to discuss this matter.


Just when the two of them were enjoying their meal, Charlie received a WeChat from Isaac Cameron. The content of the WeChat was: “Master, the people of the Banks Family are investigating the background of the Emgrand Group. At the same time, they have sent experts to sneak into the major hospitals in Aurous Hill, secretly looking for the whereabouts of Deana and Zara.”

Charlie sneered in his heart and replied: “James is good, he has found the Emgrand Group. I can’t wait for him to find me and meet and meet him.”

Isaac Cameron said, “Don’t worry, Master. The outside world only knows about the acquisition by Wade of Emgrand Group, but they don’t know who the chairman of Emgrand Group is. I believe he will not be able to find you in a short time.”

Charlie immediately replied: “Don’t give him a chance, I will take him to visit the dog farm of Don Albert tonight.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, “Master, are you ready to do this tonight?”

Charlie replied: “That’s right, it’s tonight. You go talk to Xion and let her prepare.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Good master, is there anything I need to prepare?”

Charlie said: “Tell Don Albert Just let the kennel be prepared. After all, James is the second master of the Banks Family. He has an unusual background. Let Don Albert vacate a dog cage for him.”

Isaac Cameron asked, “What about Steve? Would you like to prepare for him?”

Charlie said, “When Steve arrives at the kennel, it must be a moving scene with Walter and his son. Then let him live in a dog cage with his son, oh yes, You ask Don Albert to prepare some flowers to give to the father and son to set a warm atmosphere.”

“Good master, I will do it!”

Aurous Hill International Hotel.
James, full of food and drink, stood alone in front of the luxurious French windows of the presidential suite, looking at the night view of Aurous Hill. However, he was not in a good mood at this time, because the whereabouts of Deana and Zara were unknown, he was afraid that his murder of Zara would be revealed.

In fact, he knew very well in his heart: “Even if the old man is no longer a thing, the love for Zara in the old man’s heart is indeed from the heart. If Zara dies, of course everyone will be happy. That way, Both Fitz and Zayne are exiled in Australia, and no one in the Banks Family could threaten my status. Moreover, if Zara is dead, it will definitely deal a big blow to the old man. Letting the old man die earlier will also help me inherit the position of Banks Family Patriarch earlier. However, if Zara is not dead, then it will always be a huge threat to me!”

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