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Chapter 2467

When Isaac Cameron heard that Charlie wanted to use Xion, he immediately asked with some worry: “Master, Xion may be completely uncontrollable. She has been under house arrest. If she is let out, will she take the opportunity to escape?!”

Charlie shook his head: “As far as I know her, she definitely won’t.”

Isaac Cameron asked inexplicably, “Master, why are you doing this? This woman is always cruel, it’s not wise to send her out!”

Charlie laughed and said, “She was done wrong by old man Banks. Now she has a chance to catch James, it is also a chance for her to take revenge. Based on this, it is impossible for her to turn back.” After speaking, Charlie said again: “Moreover, she is now missing from the Banks Family’s view. Once she is rid of my asylum, It is very likely that the Banks Family will find out. When that time comes, the Banks Family will definitely kill her. But even if the Banks Family doesn’t act on her, if the Japanese government knows where she is, they will definitely not Let her go. After all, she is the fugitive that the Japanese government wants to catch the most right now.”

Isaac Cameron nodded and said seriously: “I understand Master, if you say so, then Xion is indeed a good candidate. Her personal strength is incredible. Acting with you will not only help you, but also won’t hinder you.”

Charlie smiled and said: “In the recent period, Xion’s strength has improved again. It’s not the same as when she was in the Banks house before.”

After that, he stood up and said, “You stay in the office, I’ll have a chat with Xion.”

Isaac Cameron asked hurriedly, “Master What about Deana and Zara?”

Charlie said: “They should be able to wake up tomorrow morning. Tonight, you just need to arrange someone to guard the door. By the way, let someone buy some changes of clothes and daily necessities in advance. Get a few ladies and have them sent there tomorrow morning.”

Isaac Cameron said immediately, “Good young master.”

Charlie said again: “In addition, do you know Deana and Zara?”

Isaac Cameron thought for a while and said, “I know them, but they should not know me.”

“That’s good.” Charlie said. “When they wake up tomorrow, no matter what questions they ask about me, you don’t answer them. They ask you where this is, and you don’t answer. They want to leave or contact the outside world, and you absolutely cannot agree. Tell them that I will let them stay here for the time being.”

Isaac Cameron said immediately: “Good young master, I understand!”

At the same time. Xion was practicing her Aikido in the room.

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