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Chapter 2464

At this moment, Isaac Cameron received a text message on his cell phone. After he clicked on it and read it, he hurriedly said to Charlie: “Master, the second child of the Banks Family, James has come to Aurous Hill!”

“Really?” Charlie was curious: “When did he come?”

Isaac Cameron said hurriedly, “Aurous Hill Airport reported that he just landed about ten minutes ago.”

Charlie sneered, “It seems that he came to find Deana and Zara by the order of Mr. Banks.”

Isaac Cameron said again: “Master, there is one more thing I want to report to you.”

Charlie nodded, “Go on.”

Isaac Cameron said : “There is another one who landed with James. A private jet registered in the United States. My people inquired about the registration number of the aircraft. The aircraft belongs to the American Hogwitz family business.”

“Hogwitz?” Charlie frowned and said coldly: ” It seems that Walter’s family should have come.”

Isaac Cameron continued: “Yes, the immigration information shows that it is a guy named Steve Hogwitz, who should be Walter’s father. He is now to Aurous Hill International Hotel with James.”

Charlie asked curiously: “Why did they get together?”

Isaac Cameron shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Maybe they have prior connections.”

Charlie could not help frowning:”The strength of the Hogwitz family more generally is a hundred million dollars of assets. Even less than the Moores. It is impossible for a family such as the Banks to have any connection with them. In addition, the planes of the two of them landed next to each other, I guess they should have just met!”

Isaac Cameron laughed: “These two people are also really interesting. After landing in Aurous Hill, it was quite destined.”

Charlie said with a solemn expression: “They meet together, this is not a good thing.”

“Why?” Isaac Cameron asked puzzledly: “Master, are you worried about the two of them joining hands?”

Charlie shook his head. Seriously said: “I’m worried about the two of them exchanging clues.”

“Exchanging clues? What clues?”

Charlie said solemnly: “About Deana and Zara, we left almost no clues. Everyone is alive. It was brought out, and only Tate Landry’s body was left behind; however, we left a clue about Walter.”

Isaac Cameron understood in an instant, and exclaimed, “You mean, Miss Doris Young?!”

“Yes.” Charlie said coldly: “There is no clue about the disappearance of Deana and Zara. Walter’s disappearance and Ms. Young’s line. I’m afraid they will concentrate together, trying to find a breakthrough in Ms. Young.”

Isaac Cameron hastily asked:” Master, can we not just protect Ms Young?!”

Charlie waved:”It does not make sense to protect her, protect her, people will think that there is a relationship with someone else if that happens.”

“What should I do?”

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