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Chapter 2463

At this moment at Shangri-La.

Charlie was not in a hurry to go home, but stayed in Isaac Cameron’s office, staring at the current trend of public opinion on the Internet in real time with his mobile phone. He found that now the Banks Family’s media forces are clearly overwhelming. No matter what app, even a small website or forum, there are a large number of Banks Family media forces washing the ground for the Banks Family.

They have even been helping the Banks Family sell miserably, trying their best to exaggerate that other people are murdering Deana and Zara, and they also claim that the real purpose of the behind-the-scenes slander is to completely destroy the entire Banks Family.

When Isaac Cameron saw these remarks, he couldn’t help but say angrily: “Master, the Banks Family are really unscrupulous. You can’t play with such shameless whitewashing!”

Charlie smiled calmly: “What is this? They have not fully exerted their power yet. If they fully exert their power, they are likely to further wash themselves out.”

Isaac Cameron asked puzzledly: “Master, their public opinion offensive has been overwhelming, how can they further use their power? ”

Charlie said seriously: “Their most urgent task now is to find Deana and Zara, to find them alive or find their bodies. And if they really find them alive, they will definitely find a way to kill both of them.”

Isaac Cameron nodded: “If they know the truth, the Banks Family must kill them!”

“Yes!” Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Just make sure that they are dead so the Banks Family can breathe a sigh of relief. Then they only need to spend money to find a few scapegoats, claiming that everything is done by these people and has nothing to do with the Banks Family.”

Isaac Cameron couldn’t help laughing: “Now let They try their best to wash themselves, and when the video on your phone is released, Master, it will be a large-scale face-slapping scene that has caused a sensation among more than one billion people. By that time, the Banks Family will really become a sinner through the ages!”

Charlie nodded and said: “To destroy the Banks Family’s reputation completely is the prelude to the Banks Family’s complete destruction. Once the Banks Family becomes a mouse crossing the street, the Banks Family’s century-old foundation will collapse little by little!”

Isaac Cameron suddenly thought of something and asked. “Master, if your video is exposed, wouldn’t it be a big help to Zayne? Now Zayne is the scapegoat for Mr. Banks as he was sent to Australia. If your video is exposed, The public will definitely recalculate Zayne, and Zayne will be completely clear of the grievances.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Charlie said calmly: “Even if I helped Zayne, Zayne would be uncomfortable.”

Isaac Cameron I hurriedly asked: “Master, what do you say?”

Charlie sneered, “Lord Banks, an old dog, pushed his son’s illegitimate daughter to death at a critical moment, and then pushed his son to exile. He did this, and Zayne’s father-son relationship with him has long since disappeared. Now Lord Banks wants to kill Zayne’s wife and other daughter. What do you think Zayne would think?”

Isaac Cameron hesitated for a moment and then said : “If Zayne learns the truth, I am afraid that he will turn against him.”

“Yes.” Charlie said with a smile: “Lord Banks will definitely not let Zayne turn over, but Zayne will tear him up. After breaking his face, he will definitely use the advantage of public opinion to fight back, and even try to seize control of the Banks Family, but Lord Banks certainly cannot let Zayne seize power, because he is also afraid that Zayne will seek to kill him, so by then, the Banks Family will definitely It’s staged a fierce battle between father and son!”

Charlie said again: “This does not include the other descendants of the Banks Family, that is, the younger brothers of Zayne! Since ancient times, the one the crown prince most wanted to get rid of is the emperor. The other princes most want to get rid of is the crown prince! If Zayne and Lord Banks turn against each other at that time, the other sons will not be idle, maybe the Banks Family will fall into a civil disturbance!”

Isaac Cameron couldn’t help but laughed. “Then we can just watch the good show at that time!”

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