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Chapter 2462

So, James hurriedly asked Steve: “Did your son offend anyone during his time in Aurous Hill?”

Steve shook his head and said, “My son has never been to Aurous Hill before, He has never been to China, this time he was sent by his family to Aurous Hill to develop the family business, and he has been here for a short time, so I don’t think he would have any enemies in this place.”

James asked him: “Is your son married yet?”

Steve hurriedly said truthfully: “He is married, and has two children.”

James continued to ask, “Has his private life been checked?”

Steve seriously said: “I never heard that he had an improper relationship with another woman.”

James asked again: “Is he a drug addict?”

“No! Absolutely not!” Steve said hurriedly: “Our family absolutely does not allow any room when a drug addict appears, all adult men must undergo regular urine tests. Once he is found to be a drug addict, he will be removed from all duties in the family and all funds will be recovered. Walter would never touch this red line of the family!”

James stretched out his four fingers and said: “There are four possibilities for most criminal cases in the world. The first one is for money, the second is for addiction, the third is for love, and the fourth is for revenge. If the other party kidnapped your son and doesn’t want money, this will rule out the possibility of making money. If your son has a regular urine test and is not a drug addict, then this can also be ruled out. As for the emotional aspects, although you say your son’s private life is pure, but clothes do not make the man, not to mention you are the father, and it is hard to listen and know in the end how many women your son may have slept with. His close friends may have clearer knowledge than you, so I think it’s possible for emotional reasons. And revenge, even if your son has just arrived in Aurous Hill not long ago, it doesn’t mean that he won’t offend people. Maybe he really offended some very powerful people in Aurous Hill.” Speaking of this, James smacked. He licked his lips and said: “I think the possibility of love and revenge is half and half, you can start to check these two aspects first.”

Steve nodded gently: “Thank you Mr. Banks for your insight. I will actively search for relevant clues to see if I can find any breakthrough points!”

The reason why James did so much analysis for Steve is to hope that Steve can find clues to his son’s disappearance through these aspects. He now suspects that the disappearance of his son was done by the same people as the disappearance of Deana and Zara. I have no way to find clues but if Steve can, it would be a tremendous help.

At this moment, Steve suddenly said: “That’s right ! My son seems to have a close college classmate in Aurous Hill, and I remember it being a woman!”

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