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Chapter 2448

Speaking of this, Charlie’s voice suddenly increased a bit, and he scolded: “Such an old dog is not a human. For his own benefit, for the little trouble in his own family, he wants to create such a horrific incident?! He doesn’t take social security and the safety of people’s lives and property seriously?!”

When Charlie said this, John Garrett was immediately frightened.

“What is this guy doing?! Is he going to offend the Banks Family?! He is now putting such a hat on Lord Banks, once this video is posted, then Lord Banks will definitely become hated by the people across the country! At that time, above. The people of the Banks Family will also be held accountable, and may even be severely punished. It is very likely that the Banks Family will suffer a heavy blow and vitality because of this incident!”

John Garrett shivered at the thought of this and said: “This… this… I can’t say that I’m just a person who executes orders, and I shouldn’t guess what the Lord Banks means”

John Garrett can only say that. He didn’t dare to blame Lord Banks for Charlie. But he didn’t dare to excuse Lord Banks in front of Charlie. Therefore, I can only answer in this seemingly neutral way, but actually throwing the pot away from myself.

Charlie sneered: “Thanks to this, I believe that after the people across the country know the truth, they will have a clear judgment in their hearts! It is a clear fact that Tate Landry rushed into the treasure pavilion with explosives today. No one May excuse the old dog Lord Banks!” After

that, he said coldly: “This old dog Lord Banks is simply a wicked animal! He had murdered his own granddaughter, Zayne’s illegitimate daughter Xion, and then let Zayne take the blame for him in a shameless manner, and now he wants to murder Zayne’s wife, it is simply a repeat of the old trick! I believe that the broad masses of the people should be able to see the ugly face of this man through Lord Banks’s deliberate plan to kill Deana! At the same time, he must clear his grievances for Zayne. This son is really miserable. His father killed his own illegitimate daughter, now he is going to kill his own wife!”

At this point, Charlie turned around and said coldly: “Actually, this beastly behavior done by Lord Banks is far worse than this!”

As soon as the voice fell, Charlie immediately turned and approached Rolls Royce with the camera. He took video of Deana and Zara who were seriously injured and unconscious, and said coldly: “This old dog, Lord Banks, for his face, even knowing that his granddaughter Zara was in the same car with Deana, still did not hold back, and even asked his subordinates to kill Zara and Deana together! Such an old beast is really a scum that should be punished!”

John Garrett blurted out in shock when he heard this, “No! It’s not like that! Master, master, he didn’t know that Zara was also in the car!”

Charlie paused the camera directly and walked towards him, he slapped him: “Shut up! You still want to defend that old dog and justify his actions?!”

John Garrett said desperately, “I’m not justifying, I’m telling the truth. Master, he really didn’t want to hurt the eldest lady, it was Tate Landry! It was Tate Landry who took the eldest lady into the car without authorization!”

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