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Chapter 2447

As soon as Charlie said these words, John Garrett and others started visibly trembling! They didn’t understand why the man in front of him was so vicious and wanted to torture them with African hyenas. Is he even still a human? How can he be so cruel?

As a result, one of them couldn’t hold it anymore, and cried and said, “I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything!”

It didn’t matter what he said, and the other two people around him also hurriedly said: “I will tell too!”

Charlie was satisfied and nodded: “Okay, the three of you are smart. I will give you time to talk in just a moment.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at John Garrett and sneered: “It seems that your bones are very hard. I don’t know if African hyenas can chew them or not.”

Charlie laughed at himself as soon as the voice fell. “Look at my memory. I forgot that African hyenas don’t like to chew bones. They like to find a weakness from their prey and exploit it. Then they attack that weak point with their teeth, and then it will be up to you whether you can survive or not.”

John Garrett’s face was already pale as paper, and he hurriedly cried and said, “I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Please just show mercy!”

Charlie just sneered, clicked on the phone’s video recording, re-recorded a new video, and said, “Come on, let’s introduce yourself first, and then elaborate on who instructed you to do this.”

John Garrett clenching and enduring the pain started talking: “I am John Garret. I serve the Eastcliff Banks family. I am Lord Banks personal bodyguard captain, and have been at Lord Banks side for nearly two decades. Lord Banks personally dictated that I come to Aurous Hill to assassinate Lord Banks’s eldest daughter-in-law, that is, Zayne’s wife, Deana.”

Charlie asked again, “That old dog Lord Banks. Why did he want to assassinate Deana?”

Questions race through John Garrett’s mind: “What is the background of this guy, this guy doesn’t count Lord Banks as anyone in his eyes at all, and also openly said that he is an old dog, is this guy really not afraid of death?” However, doubts have all been crushed, John Garrett now dare not have any disobedience to Charlie. Therefore, he could only vainly said: “This is because Lord Banks is very dissatisfied with Deana. He feels that Deana is going to divorce Zayne at this time. It was originally because of the infidelity.”

“What makes it unacceptable to him is that at this time, Deana came to Aurous Hill to cherish the memory of Bruce of the Wade family, and even publicly participated in the auction to bid for the old house where Bruce Wade lived. Lord Banks felt that Deana had seriously damaged the reputation of the Banks Family, leaving the Banks Family faceless. This made him feel ashamed, so the idea of ​​cleaning up the mess came up.”

Charlie asked again, “How did Lord Banks plan the whole thing?”

John Garrett said hurriedly: “Lord Banks wanted to follow the example of the British royal family in assassinating the famous princess Diana. That is, by causing a car accident to kill Deana. So I found Tate Landry, let Tate Landry play a scene that was hunted down, and then took the opportunity to hold Deana, and then Lord Banks asked me to plan a car accident in the tunnel, and directly kill Tate Landry and Deana. ”

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