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Chapter 2446

Immediately afterwards, John Garrett spit out his mouth full of blood mixed with dozens of broken teeth. The other three men were stunned. They didn’t quite understand why the young man in front of them was suddenly angry. Is it because the captain John Garrett’s words are too pretending? John Garrett was also directly confused. Seeing that his mouth was full of broken teeth, he was already on the verge of collapse, and he cried vaguely: “You, you, you are looking for me, I am the Eastcliff-”

Charlie sneered. Interrupted him: “I know what you want to say, aren’t you from the Eastcliff Banks Family? Are you talking about this with me here, do you really think I will be afraid of the Banks Family behind you?”

John Garrett looked shocked. He said: “The strength of the Banks Family is the first in the country. Why are you not afraid?!”

Charlie laughed and said contemptuously: “Fear? To tell you the truth, I and the entire Banks Family have a fued, even if Lord Banks was in front of me, I would slap all his teeth out of his mouth like I did to you!”

Charlie said again: “Since you are a dog of the Banks Family, killing a few dog things like you can temporarily relieve the hatred in my heart!”

John Garrett was extremely desperate when he heard this, and thought to himself: “This guy, this guy, has some major antagonism with the Banks Family.”

At this time, Charlie raised his volume a little, and said coldly, “I will ask you again, do you want to say or not?”

John Garrett gritted his teeth and blurted out: “If I say, I’m dead, if I don’t, still dead. If I say it, the boss will not let my family go, so you should kill me!”

Charlie laughed Smiled: “I said, I won’t let you die so easily. I will send you to the dog kennel and let you die slowly.”

At this moment, Isaac Cameron ran in with two of his men. He was a little relieved to see that Charlie had taken control of the situation. However, as soon as he saw the Rolls Royce that had been hit by the trucks, he couldn’t help but pull back. He raised his hand and asked, “Master Wade, how is everyone?”

Charlie said calmly, “Tate Landry is dead. Deana and Zara were seriously injured and unconscious, but they will not die for a while.”

When Charlie came in, he had already used aura to investigate the injuries of Deana and Zara.

Both of them are seriously injured. For the doctor, they should have lost the value and opportunity of treatment. They can survive for an hour at most, but they will die. However, to Charlie, their injuries were not incurable. After dealing with the four people in front of them, giving half a rejuvenation pill for each of them, mother and daughter, would surely save them. Isaac Cameron heard Charlie say that the two of them won’t die in a while, knowing that Charlie must have a way to save them, so he was relieved.

He checked the time and said, “Master Wade, we have to hurry up. I heard that the people from the high-speed wrecking team have started to clear the obstacles at the tunnel entrance at the back.”

Charlie nodded and said: “I know, I can solve it all in ten minutes.”

Then he asked Isaac Cameron: “By the way, Isaac Cameron, can you tell me this? How many African hyenas can you get?”

“Huh?” Isaac Cameron was stunned, and blurted out: “African hyenas? What kind of African hyenas?”

Charlie looked at the four of them, John Garrett, and said coldly: “That’s the kind of The African hyenas that live in groups on the prairie and like to use their anus secretion on their prey when hunting!”

Isaac Cameron took a deep breath and blurted out, “Master Wade, why are you looking for that kind of dog?”

Charlie stared at John Garrett and sneered: “I want to add a new breed to Don Albert’s kennel. He is full of ordinary dogs ​​fighting, not very good. If you raise a group of African hyenas who like to use their anus when hunting, they must very interesting!”

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