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Chapter 2444

John Garrett blurted out: “Quick! Find a way to get the lady out!”

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted : “Stop! All of you!”

John Garrett was startled by the shout and jumped back. This tunnel is one-way traffic, and the entrance has been blocked by the car accident. It stands to reason that no one should have come in. An unfamiliar voice suddenly appearing made him nervous. The same goes for the other three people. The four of them walked away from the car at the same time, and they saw a man with a cold expression, walking from the exit of the tunnel. This extraordinary man is Charlie Wade!

John Garrett stared at Charlie, and asked in anger: “Who are you?!”

Charlie said coldly: “Who am I, you are not qualified to ask! I now give you four a chance to survive. Put the guns down, squat on the ground with your head in your hands, and then tell me one by one honestly who made you do this!”

John Garrett gritted his teeth, pointed his gun at Charlie, and said sharply: “Boy, you are looking for death!” After speaking, he immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation!

However, Charlie disappeared from his sight the moment the gun fired. Just as he couldn’t figure out his mind what had happened, he suddenly felt a black shadow appear in front of him, and immediately afterwards, his gun hand was firmly grasped by a pair of big hands. His eyes widened subconsciously, before he could see the clear outline of the black shadow, he felt a sudden pain in his wrist. Immediately after, a click, he found that his wrist had been broken! When the wrist broke, the gun also fell directly to the ground. At this time, he saw clearly that he was the young man he had just shot at!

He was shocked immediately, and blurted out: “Who on earth are you?!”

Charlie looked at him contemptuously, and said coldly: “I said, you are not qualified to ask!”

After speaking, he pinched John Garrett on the neck and said coldly: “I’ll give you another chance to tell me clearly who hired you!”

John Garrett hurriedly blurted out, “What are you three doing in a daze! Hurry up! Kill him for me!” The other three were originally frightened by Charlie’s skill, and didn’t dare to act rashly. At this time, listening to John Garrett’s roar, they hurriedly took out their guns. However, before they could point their guns at Charlie, Charlie had already picked up John Garrett and threw him at the three. The three of them had no time to react, John Garrett flew into them and they all fell to the ground like bowling pins.

Because Charlie’s strength was so great, these four people had suffered huge heavy blows. At this time, they had no ability to resist, they could only lie on the ground and howl in pain. Charlie stepped forward to the four of them, took out his mobile phone, turned on the video recording, took pictures of the surrounding situation first, then pointed the camera at the four of them, and asked in a cold voice: “One more time, what are you doing? Who is behind it!”

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