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Chapter 2437

Tate Landry continued driving without knowing that Charlie had locked on to him from the sky. While driving intently, he stared at the navigation from time to time. The navigation shows the distance to the scheduled tunnel, and there is less than 5 kilometers. The current speed is about 180 kilometers per hour, and it only takes two minutes to arrive! Thinking of this, Tate Landry was so excited that he couldn’t bear it. As the tunnel got closer, he became more excited, and he couldn’t help stepping on the accelerator deeper and pushing the speed of the car a little faster.

At this time, Tate Landry had been driving a Rolls-Royce in the overtaking lane. As he approached the tunnel, he saw that on the right side of the road ahead, there were a number of relatively slow trucks running one after the other. He glanced at the license plate and felt more relieved. The two trucks at the front are the ones arranged by the Banks Family. These two cars have been driving on the road at low speed, just to determine the time to reach the tunnel based on Tate Landry’s location. Because according to the plan of the Banks Family, after Tate Landry’s vehicle entered the tunnel, the two vehicles would collide behind him at the entrance of the tunnel. In this way, two trucks collided with each other, which can directly block the road of the two-lane road, and the vehicles behind it will be impossible for any to get through and also it will win enough time for Tate Landry.

The vehicle driven by Tate Landry soon surpassed the two trucks. At this time, there was only one kilometer left at the entrance of the tunnel. Tate Landry didn’t care about the trucks behind him anymore, because he knew that no matter how many trucks there were behind him, if the two leading cars collided, they would stop them behind. At that time, this highway will be completely cut off.

However, when Tate Landry had already drove the car into the tunnel, the two trucks at the front did not intend to cause an accident. On the contrary, they all started to speed up in an instant, accelerating and rushing into the tunnel. As the two trucks entered the tunnel, several vehicles behind the two trucks suddenly collided at the entrance of the tunnel, and the entire road was immediately blocked by the crashed cars. The Banks Family is ready to kill people!

These two trucks are constantly accelerating, each of which is loaded with dozens of tons of goods, and its inertia is large enough to completely destroy any family car. At the exit of this tunnel, two trucks blocked the way. In this way, Tate Landry’s Rolls-Royce became a can of human flesh surrounded by four trucks. With no entry and no retreat, this Rolls-Royce has only one end, that is, being hit by two heavy-duty trucks into a pile of scrap iron! The people in the car will not be able to survive. Tate Landry will die, and Deana and Zara will die too!

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