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Chapter 2436

At the same time, a helicopter has left the urban area and is speeding towards the mountainous area outside Aurous Hill.

On the plane, Isaac Cameron was reporting to Charlie: “Master, the target is still ten kilometers away from us in a straight line. Since their car can only go slowly in the curves in the mountains, we should be able to catch up soon.”

Charlie said. He nodded, and said: “I still have a question I don’t understand.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked: “Master, what is the problem?”

Charlie said: “I don’t understand what Tate Landry ‘s future is for him. What? He made such a big movement. I believe that although there is no police chase now, there should have been police ambushes at every intersection in front of him. The Rolls Royce he drove was no more expensive than It’s just a car. In this case, he can’t escape even with wings.”

“Yes.” Isaac Cameron nodded and said in agreement: “Perhaps Tate Landry didn’t want to escape at all. He was originally a Grade A wanted. If you’re caught, you’re bound to die, so it’s better to live out your old life and earn a settlement from the Banks Family for Dean and Zara.”

Charlie smacked his lips: “What you mean is, this Tate Landry has already reported his determination to die, and he is ready to not escape alive, right?”

“Yes!” Isaac Cameron said, “I think this possibility is the greatest.”

Charlie shook his head and said: ” If he is really going to die, then he shouldn’t have to spend such a big setback to perform such a play, he only needs to find an excuse and reason at the Treasure Pavilion, and kill Deana. Why bother to get a Rolls-Royce, come here immediately?”

Isaac Cameron thought for a while: “Is it going to be a complete set?”

“Isn’t it necessary?” Charlie said lightly: “There are so many things happening before killing Deana. What’s the point? If he just wants to confuse the audience and let everyone not doubt the Banks Family, then why did he kill so many hostages in Treasure Pavilion? With no suspicion, he could kill Deana. Everyone would not doubt it.”

Isaac Cameron asked, “Master, what do you mean is that Tate Landry has a way to escape?”

Charlie sneered: “Is there a way for Tate Landry to escape? I’m not sure yet, but what I can be sure of is that if it is the Banks Family who promised him and helped him escape, then The Banks Family will definitely not keep him alive.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, “Master, if you say so, then the Banks Family must be ready to kill Tate Landry!”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded gently. Said: “I think from the perspective of the Banks Family’s acting style, they will definitely avoid suspicion, so they will definitely kill Tate Landry as soon as possible within a reasonable range.”

Isaac Cameron thought for a while and said: “The Banks Family will choose this section of the mountain road. The tunnel with no exit.”

Charlie said, “Speed ​​up and lock them as soon as possible!”

“Good master!” The helicopter went through another few minutes of flight. Isaac Cameron pointed to a black car on the road diagonally forward and said: “Master, that car! It’s the Rolls Royce!”

Charlie glanced down and found Isaac Cameron’s Rolls Royce. However, due to the high altitude of the plane, the Rolls-Royce looked not even as big as a fingernail.

At this time, Isaac Cameron asked him: “Master, do we want to lower the height to catch up?”

Charlie waved his hand: “No, lest you startled the snake, follow him from a distance to observe!”

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